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These are the last Q&As from Games-Workshop and rules clarifications they released for 2nd edition, and were downloaded from www.escape.com/~5timer, which has temporarily become unavailable. The Q&As begin in 1995, and get newer the farther down you go. For any answers contradicted by later ones, assume the later answers are the correct ones, as this represents the game designers rethinking certain problems based on extensive gameplay. Please note that these are NOT Voidhammer's interpretations, these are the last known official clarifications and are compiled for your benefit. Key to Abbreviations: SQ = Stupid Question, GQ = Good Question, Ed. = Editor's notes, there is still some dispute. Also inserted into here are excerpts from The Realm of Inisfail's 2nd edition Mega Q&A, which is official as well and covers some of the more obscure or difficult questions. Visit them for more great Warhammer and Warhammer 40k stuff at: http://www.geocities.com/Area51/Cavern/2741/frames2.html


(1) The "choosing the closest target" rules say that the closest squad may be ignored by models with heavy weapons in favor of closest vehicles, however the rules don't say anything about a reverse situation. Do the rules mean that a heavy weapon model may ignore a closer vehicle in order to fire at the closest squad? (this came up when a single jetbike was used to screen a squad of Wraithguard from a heavy weapon squad)

Yes, the rule should have 'and vice-versa' tagged on the end of it.

(2) (a) Your trooper is standing around on overwatch, minding his own business, when your opponent begins his movement phase. Your opponent declares the charge of his termagants and Genestealers, (both of whom cannot be seen by your trooper) he begins moving his termagants first one termagant moves into your los and then into base to base contact with the trooper. Now, you know that the Genestealer will also be attacking your trooper, can you wait until the Genestealer moves into base to base contact with you and then shoot whichever model you prefer (the Genestealer you bet) or do you have to shoot the termagant since it was the first model closest to you.

(b) How about Swooping Hawks or Gargoyles charging you by landing behind you, can you turn and shoot for free or do you get "surprised" and receive no chance of overwatch fire?

(a)The Termagant.

(b) At the Studio we play a house rule which allows models on overwatch to turn in place before they shoot, unless they have a move or fire weapon.

(3) If a model's LOS is 80% blocked by cover, but the target is not immediately behind the cover, does the target get any benefit from cover? We suggest if the blocking cover is hard, target is at -1 to be hit, if the cover is soft, target gains no benefit.

You've misunderstood the cover rules. If a model is behind cover it benefits from it. It doesn't have to be directly behind it to benefit. We tend to be very lenient about this at the Studio, and give the target model the benefit of the doubt if there is any question about whether its in cover or not.

(4) When you declare a charge by a squad, do you have to declare the charge against a particular closest squad or do you charge the closest unengaged models?

Example: a squad of 2 gretchin and a squad of 5 orks behind it. All are within charge range of a 5 marine squad. Do all 5 marines have to charge the gretchin (i.e. the closest squad only)? Or after the gretchin are engaged with two marines, can the rest charge the orks who are now the closest un-engaged models?

You charge the closest unengaged model.

(5) What happens when unbreakable troops (i.e. Legion of the damned) disengage from HtH? Are they still broken?

In this case only, yes.

(6) Can characters in terminator armor or mega-armor be given the "Jump pack" wargear card?


(7) So what happens to troops stuck in the area effect of a template weapon that sticks around from turn to turn? Example: Buzzer squig template lands on a marine in the ork turn. The marine makes his save and survives. At the beginning of the marine turn the marine moves out of the squig template. Does the marine need to make another save vs. the buzzer squigs before he moves out of the template?

Read the rules to see when the template 'attacks'. In the case of buzzer squigs they only attack when placed or when they move, so the Space marine would be able to move away from the template without being attacked.

(8) If you are throwing a grenade and miss and roll a hit and misfire for scatter, does the grenade go off in the model's hand?


(9) How do you guys play with models deviating off the table (i.e. distort or displacer field effect) Is the model dead?

The model can't return but is not treated as being killed or destroyed for VP purposes.

(10) Tyranid codex repeatedly mentioned that Distort Cannon, Wraithcannon, and Vortex grenade are all warp/psychic-based attacks. Does this mean that aegis suits / psychic powers / and null shields (vehicle wargear) can protect against them?


(11) Can cavalry models cross scenery that is higher than the mounted model?

No (SQ)

(12) Question about the "Strategy Card: Saved!" How do you use it in hand to hand combat. For example, Character surrounded by 6 models who are attacking him. The 2nd model does sufficient wounds to kill the hapless character twice over. Do you play the Saved! card then and HtH combat is ended, Or does the character get back up and then fight the remaining 4 models, and if he did get back up would he have all of his wounds back (undamaged) or have one wound left?

You're saved from the killing series of hits, but you must carry on fighting (PQ).

(13) When a squad arrives on the table using the "Flank March" strategy card, can the squad charge from off the table? I.e. can their move onto the table be a charge?

Yes. (PQ)

(14) Can a person stand up after being struck by a shotgun, and fire a move or fire weapon in the same round?


(15) Does a "jammed" weapon clear if the owner:

(a) Charges into hand to hand?

(b) Runs?

(c) Is struck by a solid shotgun shell?

(a) No; (b) Yes; (c) Yes.

(16) About move and fire weapons and vehicles:

(a) If you have move and fire heavy weapon riding in a rhino, can they fire their heavy weapons through the open doors (vehicle unsealed)?

(b) Are they considered to have moved if the vehicle moves?

(c) If they can fire, can they go on overwatch while the vehicle moves (as the gunners can)?

(a) Yes; (b) Yes; (c) No.

(17) BLAST TEMPLATES/MARKERS: The rules discuss two types of area of effect weapons as being templates and blast markers. Some examples exist of weapons which are vague as to which category they fall into. Cyclone missile launchers, thudd guns and the venom cannon seem to refer to blast templates. Are these something different or hybrid versions?

The Cyclone gets a blast marker, while Thudd Guns and Venom Cannon have templates. So...

(a) When one of these three hits a vehicle do they have a hole in the center which hits the location covered?

Cyclone yes, others no.

(b) Or is it like a template where all locations covered are hit and others are 4+?

Cyclone no, other yes.

(c) Does the thudd gun and venom cannon have 4 centers which will automatically hit a location, or just one, or none?


(18) MODEL SIZES: We wish to confirm that for targeting purposes all models on a monster base (i.e.: including ogryns, avatar, etc) can be targeted separately, and that snottling bases and nurglings are treated like small creatures..

This sounds fine to us.

(19) Do the target model sizes in the Tyranid codex apply to other non-Tyranid models?

As a house rule this is fine. It's not official, however.

(20) When you have two strategy cards or character abilities (e.g. Ghazgull's WAARGH!) both of which may be used "at any time" which one takes effect first? Ex: during the marines' turn they manage to break a squad of Gretchin. The marine player plays the "Craven Cowardice" strategy card to disperse the squad. The ork player wants to use Ghazgull's WAAGH! to rally them before the card is played. What goes first? (we each rolled a d6, highest goes first)

But the Craven Cowardice card has already been played! In other words, no, you can't back-track when using Ghazgull's Waagh, you have to use it before a dice roll or card to effect it.

(Ed -- I disagree with this! It should not be a contest of who throws down the card or yells "Waaagh!" first! I still think when you have two things (strategy cards, etc.) that may be done "at any time" you should each roll a d6 to see which thing happens first)

(21) Can a squad, a portion of which was knocked down (e.g. by shotguns, pulsa rokkits, mole mortar..) go on overwatch?


(22) If the closest target is a squad, character or a vehicle that is harder to hit because of fast movement or wargear cards can it be ignored for the purpose of the choosing the closest target rule (since closest targets in cover can be ignored)

Example: A landspeeder moves 20" and is the closest target. A tank moved 8" and is behind it. Can you ignore that landspeeder and fire at the tank because firing at the landspeeder would incur a -2 penalty?

As the rules stand, no, but if you want to make up your own house rules for situations like his then it's fine by us!

(23) If you have a weapon with a variable radius (such as the pulsa rokkit) which states "all models in the area are affected" and a model is only partially in the area, how is the model affected? Do you need to roll 4+ on 1d6 to affect it?

No, if the model is partially in it is affected, unless the rules state otherwise.

(24) Since you can turn and fire on overwatch does that mean that you cant position your troops with firing arcs in a particular position (i.e. to avoid firing at some targets that may be closer than others)? Must you turn to shoot at the closest target on overwatch or can you remain stationary to avoid firing at some targets close behind you?

Turning is an option, you don't have to if you don't want to.

(25) If a character who is standing within 3" of a vehicle is killed, can one of the vehicle crewmen be used for the "Look out sir ARGHHH!" strategy card?


(26) Can "look out sir, ARGHH!" be used to save a psyker from a daemonic attack?


(27) How do you treat a model that has been hit by a graviton gun? I.e. Is he counted as killed? Do you take him off table? If you don't, can he be ignored for targeting and charging purposes?

Remove the model but don't count it as killed for VP purposes. Note that this means that the model _can't_ be killed (as it's out of play but not dead!)

(28) Do you guys have any suggestion on how to run a 3 sided game (without allying)?

We must admit we've never really had a satisfactory 3-sided game. Suggestions (to the WH40K list) will be gratefully received! (Ed -- those not on the list (which is not accepting new subscribers) can send suggestions to me and I will forward them to AC and JJ.)

(29) After completing a round of HtH your squad kills all its opponents -- however the squad coherency is broken for most of the troopers (even after follow-up moves). Next turn, can you charge the closest unengaged models or must you move to restore squad coherency (thus giving up the charge)?

We'd play that you can keep on charging, but that models which fail to get in to HtH combat will break unless part of the largest group of models from the unit.

(30) When a model which is knocked down and unable to move until the next movement phase (i.e. via Mole Mortar, shotgun shell, or Wraithguard knocked down result) is attacked in HtH do they fight at a reduced WS and/or attacks?

This is a good question (GQ?!?). As the rules stand they fight as normal. We'll try to come up with a general-purpose house rule for situations like this ASAP.

(31) You guys mentioned that a model hit by a graviton gun is removed and is not counted for VP purposes. However the description of the graviton gun states that psykers can still use their psychic powers when graviton gunned. So what do you do with a psyker?

The player can choose to either remove him (can't be killed, but can't be used in the psychic phase), or leave him in play (can be killed, but can be used in the psychic phase). Under such circumstances the model would be killed automatically in engaged in HtH combat (just like models in NC are taken out).

(32) What effect does the 3-4 roll for a medipack have? The following seems to be it:

1-2 Dead, counts for VPs

3-4 Not dead, can't do anything, remains on battlefield, does not count for VPs

5-6 1 wound restored, does not count for VPs

Is this correct?

This is correct.

(33) Do models without CC weapons get -1 WS? (i.e. a cyclone launcher terminator, a SM dreadnought w/ 2 assault cannons/...)

No, the reference in the wargear book was an oversight that refers back to a 1st edition rule that was dropped in 2nd edition.

(34) Do characters with displacer fields get displaced off their steeds (boars, chaos mounts, etc.) if a displacer field activates?

That's the way we play it! : )

(35) Why is a shotgun listed as an assault weapon?

Because that's what we think it is! (SQ, if you ask me!)

(36) Is the grenade launcher really a move OR fire weapon or is that a typo? Its not a heavy weapon....

It's a move OR fire weapon.

(37) When you go into HtH combat with a hand flamer exactly what happens. Do the rules for catching fire apply and if so how do they work?

The normal flamer rules apply, just don't use the template.

(38) Can Marneus Calgar & the Eversor use their anti-ganging up abilities if they are prone, due to say, hypnotic gaze or Pavane of Slaanesh?


(39) If a model has been temporarily blinded by a Conversion Field, is he still affected by fear if charged by something that causes fear?

GQ! We'd say no.

(40) Jump pack range is reduced if they jump over 1 story building. What height is defined as a 1 story building? A player claimed that a 1.5" high hill was the size of a 1 story building. If that's the case at what point would the jump pack be capable of jumping 18"?

Get a building model (to scale) and measure the thing! Come on guys, please use a *bit* of common sense!

(41) Are characteristic enhancing wargear and psychic powers cumulative? e.g. Give a marine character combat drugs then use quickening on him and his move is now x2 x2 = x4 i.e. base move 16" charge 32" !!!!!

As the rules stand yes, but we'd recommend a house rule limiting multipliers to a maximum of x3 in total.

(42) The weapon stat card in the basic game lists the melta bomb's penetration as D6+D20+8. According to the formula S+Var Damage+D6+bonus vs. vehicles, it should be 2D6+D20+8. What is the penetration for a melta bomb?


(43) Certain wargear cards have been repeated between Dark Millenium and a codex. Does this mean that Space Wolf players get two Frostfangs, two Axe Morkais, etc., and Eldar players get two seer runes?


(44) Shouldn't all cavalry models get a +1 WS for being higher up?


(45) Must a model charge the closest target if the closest target is a vehicle? May a model which has no weapons capable of penetrating a vehicle ignore the closest vehicle to charge another target? Ex.: do gretchin with autopistols have to charge a Land Raider in front of them or can they charge the marines behind it?

Yes (you have to charge at least one model at it for it to become 'engaged'). One of the Gretchin would have to charge the vehicle (but no great loss, eh?!?)

(46) Can you land Daemons or jump-pack troops into groups of models thus engaging multiple models in HtH? (Ex. instead of charging the closest unengaged gretchin, the Bloodthirster lands in the middle of the mob engaging 8 of them..)

Yes, as long as at least one of the models engaged was the closest at the start of the charge.

(47) Can template weapons (such as flamers) be linked? (their question is for people who make custom vehicles)

Yes. Use a single template and roll twice for the models under it.

(48) The issue of LOS: When a rule refers to "all models capable of seeing the character" (such as for Wolf Helm of Russ or Yarrick), is LOS of the models determined by their 90 degree fire arc / facing or is it considered to be 360 deg?

360 degree

(49) Can a stat be increased over 10 by use of a strategy card? I.e. What happens if a chaos commander draws the card which adds +1 to leadership? Does the daemon leadership go from 10 to 11?

Depends on which stat, as described at the start of the WH40K rulebook. Ld can't be increased beyond 10.

(50) The "choosing a target " rules refer to the fact that troops may ignore the closest target rule when shooting at a game or mission objective. What if you have the "Assassins" or "Witch Hunt" mission? can all models fire at the characters who are objectives of those missions?

Yes. (Ed - WOW!!!!)

(51) If a squad is charged, but only some of their members are engaged in HtH, can the rest of the squad fire during its shooting phase if some of its members are still in HtH? Ex: Orks charge 10 marines only one ork reaches and engages one marine in HtH. They don't kill each other on the ork turn. During the marine turn, can the nine marines fire at the orks even though one of them is in HtH?


(52) If a target moves 10" or more, there is a -1 penalty when shooting at it. Does this mean that the distance from the start to the end of the movement has to be 10"? Case in point: a model must run around a piece of terrain, using all of it's movement (10"), but the straight line distance from start to end point is less than 10"

Obviously the modifier is based on the distance moved by the model, not a straight line from the starting to end position of the model's move.

(53) High flying troops such as gargoyles and swooping hawks seem very vulnerable and slow when they land, do they have a speed to hit modifier, if not why?

No. See what happens to the U.S. paratroops in the film 'The Longest Day' to find out why not. (And don't you just love the "click, click" bit!)

(54) If charging a model when a rad grenade lies in the path. Can you move the charges around the area or do they have to take the shortest way, i.e. straight through the contaminated area?

You can run round the area, but must use the shortest direct route to determine which is the closest model for the purposes of which model you charge at.

(55) Can a medi-kit save someone affected by the bio-shrieker shot from the shuriken cannon?


(56) Overwatch Question: If a vehicle or a model capable of moving over 10" (and thus eligible for speed-based penalty to hit, is shot at by an overwatching model after the vehicle/model has moved a few inches, does the overwatcher get the penalty to hit for a fast moving target? (and what's the penalty if you don't know how far the vehicle/model would have moved if it was not shot?)

Yes. If this causes problems you should make a player declare if he's going to move over 10" before he makes the move, in which case he _must_ move over 10".

(57) When you equip a squad or character with Meltabombs do they get the extra attack against vehicles if they have another close combat weapon?


(58) I was wondering if as an Eldar player I can use my Avatar as a target to hit hidden enemies. For example: A SM player has placed his unit behind a hill so I cant see them or the get a hard cover to hit modifier. Can I charge my Avatar into HtH and let lose with plasma weapons (Avatars special immunities) and roll to hit with the modifiers to hit the Avatar.

There's nothing in the rules to stop you doing this, but as you obviously know that it is completely against the intent of the rules, then you wouldn't do it anyway, would you?!? If you would, then you would be _cheating_! You see, if you've understood the intent of a rule, as you clearly have here because you know that using an Avatar in this way is wrong, then I'm afraid you've understood the rule, and trying to get out of it is simply cheating. While I might expect such base behavior from politicians, I'm sure acting in such a way is anathema to fine upstanding Warhammer 40,000 players! Nuff said, I hope!

(59) A friend of mine and I were thinking about trying a game of 40K using the Epic turn structure. Both players would act in the same turn. We found that in some occasions, a game could end before it really starts, due to a very effective first Shooting or Psychic phase. Using the Epic turn structure, allows, in theory!, both sides to be more evenly matched. Let me make it clear that the actual order of the phases would remain the same. Has anybody tried something like this before? What were your findings? I encourage people, specially those at the Design Studio, to try this out.

Tried it once (ages ago!) but didn't like it very much, and certainly not enough to change the current rules.

(60) The enemy Blood Axe Leman Russ tank exploded when its battlecannon hit-and-misfired. Do I get victory points when his units blow themselves up like this? The question would also apply, I suppose, to self- inflicted wounds from kustom weapons and strange Orky artillery.

Yes, you get the VPs.

(61) When determining the penalty for shooting at a fast-moving target, do you count the total distance moved by the target or its movement rate. Example, Genestealers (with a charge move of 12) charge marines on overwatch 4" away, do marines have -1 to hit for a fast moving target?

Use the movement rate in this case (i.e. overwatch shots against a charging model), and the actual distance moved under any other circumstances.

(62) Will a Storm Shield still save against template weapons which completely cover the model equipped with the Storm Shield? How about a flamer which strikes from the side of the model with the Storm Shield? Or a Heavy Plasma Gun template which deviates into the model from the side?

The direction of the attacker is what determines if the shield can be used. It helps if a little common sense is applied also!.

(63) If a squad in overwatch shoot template weapons at a marine squad who jump with their jump packs, where do you put the template? (i.e., how do you determine at which point the marine jump is interrupted?) For that matter, how do you use template weapon in overwatch against any moving squad since models are moved by players one at a time?

The simple answer is, wait until the whole squad has moved until you fire! Shooting at a model half way along its move will therefore only effect the target, unless there happen to be other models nearby at the time the shot is made. Again, common sense works best for situations like this.

(64) Further clarification is needed for determining penalties to hit against fast moving targets. Do you determine penalties to hit by:

a) the models move rate (i.e. model's run rate is 14" so there is a -1 to hit that model even if the total distance from start to end the model moved is only 4");

b) the total distance the model moved as the crow flies (so if a model wound up 4" from its starting point at the end of its move, there is no penalty to hit it regardless of the move rate;

c) trace the path the model moved and determine penalty based on the length of traced path, so even if the model wound up 4" from its starting point at the end of its move, if the player moved the model in a huge loop for a total distance of 14" to get to the ending point, there is a penalty of -1 to hit it.

Example: boar boys run from a wood to top of a hill. The distance from wood to hill is 9". Can the boarboyz be moved to the top of the hill in an indirect route (i.e. taking a zigzag) so that they actually moved 14" so that there is a -1 penalty to hit them next turn. So can a player make his cyboarboyz make HUGE loops when they run, tracing a path with them 20" long to have -2 to hit them, even though they wind up only 5" from their starting point?

If an overwatch shot is taken, use a), otherwise, use b). (i.e. if boarboyz charged the target on the hill 9" away, overwatch shots at then are at -1 for fast speed, but if they ran up the hill, there is no penalty to hit them regardless of the path the moving player traced for their movement.)

(65) How do handle charges from models who are coming down from having flown high in a previous turn. Since you can charge the closest unengaged model, can the models from the landing squad land far away from another? What is the "closest unengaged model" with respect to a squad that flew high in some previous turn?

The models can charge any model on the table, splitting up if desired. However remember rules for squads becoming broken if coherency is not restored.

(66) In Codex Tyranids there is a map of the Eastern fringe which has a small red smudge south-west of Iyanden, called the "Barnassus incident". Could you please inform us of the significance of this?

No (he, he, he, he).

(Ed -- I think this answer deserves the SA (silly answer) award!)

(67) What damage does a model take from falling from a building or other terrain?

Use the rules from Necromunda.

(Ed -- STR of hit equals the distance of the fall. Falls of 3" or less cause 1 wound, falls 4-12" cause 1d6 wounds, falls of more than 12" cause automatic death. Armor saves with penalties as per HtH STR/Save penalty chart apply for falls up to 12".)

(68) Can you resolve the troops charging from vehicle thing once and for all? If a squad in a vehicle wants to charge what happens?

The vehicle may not move in the charge phase, and in order to complete their charge the squad must leave the vehicle before it moves.

(69) Booby traps strategy card: What happens to models caught under a BT marker after the initial explosions?

a) The model can turn & shoot without setting off the traps.

b) If the model turns/shoots he sets off the traps.


Can models in cover start the game in hiding, or must they go into hiding at the beginning of their turn?

They can start in hiding.

(70) Does the Delayed strategy card affect an entire vehicle squad or a support battery or just one?

Just one.

(71) Can you explain how the fear ability works when charging? If a squad of genestealers declare a charge against a bunch of gretchin, is the break test for the gretchin made before genestealers actually move? If the break test is failed, do the gretchin flee before Genestealers reach them, or do they flee after the genestealers enter HtH with them (getting free hacks when the gretchin flee)? If gretchin flee before genestealers reach them, can the 'stealers now charge a different closest target?

Make the test when the charge is declared, and if the test is failed move the broken unit immediately. This may lead to the chargers 're-directing' their charge against another unit. Remember that you only run away if out-numbered by the thing you fear!

(Ed -- remember that according to the rules the chargers must be IN CHARGE RANGE in order to cause fear, so don't make the fear test until you measure the charge, even if the chargers do not move (i.e., targets are outnumbered and they fail fear test))

(72) How does a figure On Fire fight in Hand to Hand combat?

It cannot be attacked or attack anyone else while on fire. It counts as WS 0 if needed.

(73) If an Assassin in hand to hand combat is hit by a template and they make their dodge, where, if anywhere, do they go?

They go to the nearest edge of the template, remaining in hand to hand with the same enemy if possible. If not, the opponent does not get free hacks as the assassin leaves. The Assassin may not use this movement to get into hand to hand combat with another opponent.

(74) Who gets to follow up after one guy in a multiple combat kill the foe?

Only the model that killed the enemy gets to follow up.

(75) The rules for Hatred allow a re-roll in the "first round" of hand to hand. Is this every first round of each hand to hand, or just once the very first round a model is engaged?

Every time a new engagement begins the re-roll is allowed. This means that if the model with hatred fights another model for two turns he will get to re-roll during the first turn, but not the second. If that same model goes on to fight someone else later in the game, he will get to re-roll again in the first round of this new engagement.

(76) When taking allies - can you just take bits as needed, or are there any restrictions on taking one thing when it requires another bit? For example - Eldar support weapons & Guardian Squads, Marine Dreadnoughts & Techmarines. These are all items that state in the item description that something else is needed to have this thing. IG Tanks/Ogryns/Ratlings are another issue - can they be taken freely as allies, or must you also take an IG command or regimental unit?

You can pick & choose in all cases.

(77) Can IG Primarus Psykers ride in Rough Rider Command Units?

Technically no, but for a friendly game this could be quite a lot of fun!

Can Overwatch shots be taken on a enemy teleporting or landing from Flying High directly into Hand to Hand combat with the Overwatching model?

Nope, Warp Spiders are the only exception to this rule.

(78) Does no armor save mean no field save as well?

In most cases yes. Exceptions may arise, but these will state so explicitly ('no armor save except for field saves')

(79) What is a large target in 40K (for +1 to hit)?

Land Raiders (or larger, if we make anything bigger); Buildings, and any creatures elephant sized or larger (no creatures currently fit this)

(80) Which special characters must take the items with which they are listed?

All special characters both games must take all the equipment they are listed with. They may not decide to drop or change any of it. Here is a list of which points values do & don't include equipment:

Inclusive: Imperial Guard, Sisters of Battle, Chaos (40K)

Exclusive: Orks (40K), Space Wolves, Ultramarines, Eldar, Angels of Death

(81) ENERGY FIELDS: According to page 66 of the Wargear book a model can only have one energy field activated at a time. How does this work, and what counts as an "energy field"?

The rule is actually quite straightforward, and simply means that a model may only ever have one energy field. With hindsight, Using the word -activated- in the sentence was a poor choicce, as it implies that a model may have several energy fields and choose which to use by turning them on and off'. This isn't actually the case at all, and the rule is that a model may only have a single energy field and that's all!

A good rule of thumb as to what qualifies as an energy field is that if the item has the word "field" in its title, and/or the item offers an unmodified saving throw, then it is an energy field. If it doesn't, then it isn't an energy field. The following list includes all of the things which are counted as energy fields at the time of going to print. No model or character can ever have more than one item from the list.

Note that the list does not include suppression shields, holo- suits, or fields produced by psychic powers (other than the Tyranid Warp Field), none of which count as a field for the purposes of this rule. We are also very well aware that this will make characters, especially Eldar Farseers, much more vulnerable, but we think that this is a good thing, as allowing characters multiple unmodified saves simply makes them far too difficult to kill.

Eldar Rune Armour Power Field Yarrick's Force Field

Refractor Field Storm Shield Kustom Force Field

Conversion Field Daemonic Aura Zoanthrope Warp Field

Rosarius War Walker Power Field Tyranid Biomorph Voltage Field

Displacer Field The Lion Helm Tyranid Biomorph Warp Field

(82) What constitutes a "field" for the Vindicare Assassins' Shield-Breaker ammunition? For example, will it affect Zoanthrope Warp Fields or the force barrier put up by an Ork Force Field Projecta? And what happens to a Storm Shield or Eldar Rune Armour if their energy field is destroyed by some means?

All of the fields on the list above will be affected by the Shield-Breaker ammunition, so if the model protected by the field is hit, it will stop working for the rest of the battle. The Lion Helm's field, or the Ork Force Field Projecta field, can be targeted directly by the Assassin (both fields produce a visible energy bubble), and will go down if he hits them. A Storm Shield or Suit of Eldar Rune Armour that has its energy field destroyed will revert to a normal item of its type - a "primitive shield" in the case of the Storm Shield, and Aspect armour with a 4+ armour save in the case of the Rune armour.

(83) When troops are moving out of a moving vehicle are they able to make a charge move? ie at the end of the vehicle movement?


(84) Can Overwatch shots be taken at any part of the opponent's turn, or only during his movement phase?

Any time; note this is a rethinking of what is in the rulebook

(85) Can any single figure on a 40mm base (Avatar, Ogryn, Greater Daemons) leave Hand to Hand combat without penalty, in the manner of Monstrous Tyranids & Dreadnoughts?


(86) A model is hit by a Gravition Gun, and then teleported (via Teleportation or Displacement) away. Is it still affected by the Graviton, or is it "free?"

Still affected

(87) About Taking Allies

Allies are included in the lists so that players can easily add models to their army from other races without having to buy a whole army's worth. For example, you've got Space Marines and you really like those Eldar models, but you can't afford a whole army. What do you do? Answer, buy some as allies until you can build up enough models for an army. Because the option is included to allow players to collect miniatures they like the look of, most of the restrictions normally found in a list don't apply.

Unfortunately the side-effect of this is that players can take advantage of the rules to make mega-powerful (and very cheesy) armies. There is no easy way round this that I can see other than to say that the use of allies (with the exception of Imperial Agents, who are rather different anyway) is always optional, and can be vetoed by your opponent if they don't like what they see. This would obviously mean that in very competitive games (or against very competative opponents) you'd never get to use allies at all, but on the other hand it should mean that against more, erm, sensible opponents you'd get to use allies freely as long as it was fairly clear that you weren't doing so in order to take advantage of the rules.


Clearly the Q&A in WD regarding Energy Fields being a field has caused panic and consternation to some, especially some Eldar players. ; ) Anyway, to answer some of the more commonly made points about the ruling:

1. The list of field saves is complete, and things like Dodge and the Medi-Squig save have been left off intentionally. After some discussion we decided that to include was simply illogical (they're clealy *not* fields, after all). In any case, as far as I can recall only Ragnar could possibly combine the Dodge skill with a field, while Medi-Squigs are limited to the Orks who, to be honest, can do with all the help they can get!

2. Psychic power field saves were left off because they need to be cast in order to get them, and can be nullified, both of which mean that when you really, really want the save, you probably won't have it!


The rules for energy fields are obviously causing a little bit of confusion, so we've put our heads together and come up with the following guidelines. All of the following are considered energy fields of one form or another:

Refractor Field, Conversion Field, the Rosarius's Conversion Field, Displacer Field, Power Field, Storm Shield, Eldar Rune Armour, Kustom Force Field, the Force Field Projecta field, the Lion's Helm field, Force Dome, Aura of Fire, Psychic Shield, Voltage Field, Warp Field, Daemonic Aura's.

Note that psychic powers and daemonic aura's *are* included on the list, and so is Rune Armour (more of which below). The following rules apply to all forms of energy field.

1. _All_ types of energy field are knocked down by Shield-Breaker ammunition, including displacer fields. However, each shell will only knock down one field, decided randomly if there is a choice. Psychic powers are destroyed and the psychic power card discarded, and Daemons lose their Daemonic Aura save for the rest of the battle. What we imagine is happening is that Shield-Breaker ammo disrupts any energy fields that it hits. In the case of psychic powers the resulting 'psychic feedback' stops the psyker using the relevant power for the rest of the battle. In the case of a Daemon, the ammo disrupts their energy form to such an extent that it weakens their presence in the material universe, and thus they lose their Aura save. A Force Field Projecta field may be fired on by Shield-Breaker ammunition, counting as a large target, and will go POP! if hit. In the case of the Storm Shield or Rune Armour, the unmodified save is lost, leaving a parry for the Storm Shield and the equivalent of carapace armour for the Rune Armour.

2. Rune armour functions as carapace armour if it's unmodifiable save is _not_ used (or if the save has been lost, as noted above). So a Warlock that took a displacer field could have an unmodifiable save for the field, and take the modifiable carapace armour save for his Rune armour as well, or just use the unmodifiable save of his Rune Armour on its own.

(90) About Rules for Charging:

There's been some discusion on the list about how to declare charges etc,. Just to clear things up:

1. Declare which squads or individual models are going to charge at the start of the turn.

2. A charging model must go for the closest unegaged enemy model when it moves. Decisions are made on a model by model basis as and when the model is moved. Note that the squad coherancy rules don't apply to models engaged in hand to hand combat, so you can leave models from the same squad behind as you charge past them.

3.When you declare your charge you should tell your opponent *roughly* who is going to charge what, based on the rules in 2 above. This is not a strict rule per se, but is included as a courtesy so that everyone knows what is going on! After all, when it comes right down to it, a charging model has very little control over where it moves, so fibbing to your opponent about who you are going to charge won't help you very much!

(91) About "TARGETING"

A number of people have commented on the fact that the targeting rules can force an entire Squad to shoot all its weapons at a single model, and offer number of alternative rules to stop this happening. Personally, however, we feel that the rules are better as they are. The problem with allowing people to spread their fire around is that it makes units with lots of heavy weapons extremely effective, which is not something that we want to encourage (i.e. anything that helps keep a lid on Space Wolf Terminator squads armed with 5 assault cannon must be a good thing!). To us it seems quite sensible that the rule helps discourage players from 'putting all their eggs in one basket' as it were, because doing this can result in huge amounts of fire being wasted for no good purpose.

In addition we'd like to point out that any player worth his salt facing a situation like this will eliminate the screening enemy model(s) with fire from another source. Remember that you get to move your troops before you fire, and although heavy weapons won't get to move and fire, and you can move up other troops to fire at the screen first in an effort to remove it. It won't always work, but hey, life is rarely fair!


(1) How are psychic squads such as Grey Knights and daemon squads affected by Orky psychic powers that affect all psykers within range? Example: If the squad of five grey knights is given Lvl 1 psychic ability, is every member of the squad affected by Orky anti-psyker powers as if they were a 1st lvl psyker?

Yes, all models are affected.

(2) Which psychic powers will a Displacer field protect you from?

As a rule of thumb, energy fields will only protect you from an psychic attacks that have a strength value. So a psychic power that 'zaps' you with a blast of energy (lightning arc, for example) could be saved against. Psychic powers that 'melt your brain' (Mind War, say), couldn't be stopped.(the Q&A in WD192 has similar stuff about which psychic powers can be dodged.)

(3) How do powers which affect a model based on its toughness work on SM dreadnoughts? Do we just use hero stats as you have suggested with regard to mind war?

Yes. (Ed -- assuming the psychic power can affect vehicle crewmen in the first place)

(4) When you have a model which "automatically passes all leadership tests"(as opposed to a model that is merely immune to psychology), how does this work with psychic powers requiring leadership tests? Ex. is a model which auto-passess leadership tests immune to "Smite" which requires a leadership test at -2?


(5) Which (if any) psychics may be used in hth?

Any and all.

(6) Your answer that models that never fail leadership test must still take those tests when saving against psychic powers requiring leadership tests has raised an incredible wave of protest. Many have pointed out the text in Codex Tyranids which states, in addition to the fact that Hive tyrant is immune to break tests and psychology, that "It will automatically pass ANY leadership test it is required to make. The Hive Tyrant's Leadership is therefore NEVER used, but is included for comparative purposes" That seems very inconsistent with your answer... may a gremlin in the Codex Tyranids be responsible?

Good point, but we'd still say you should use the ruling which forces the model to take the test, as it makes very good sense and works well in game terms.

(7) When a psychic power requires LOS does the LOS come form the psykers 90deg front arc or is it 360 degrees? (I.e can a psyker unleash a LOS power at targets behind him?)

90 degree front arc.

(8) When a large model (i.e. a hive tyrant or a greater daemon) is knocked down by pulsa rokkit can it use its LOS-based psychic powers?

Yes, but the LOS is drawn from the prone model's position.

(9) Can a psychic power that sticks around (Doom) be reflected during a later turn?


(10) When a psyker discards the first drawn powers so they can draw new ones, where do the discards go, out of the game, or back into the deck so the next psyker might draw them?

Back into the deck.

(11) Do you deal out the powers to every psyker first, then do the discard/re-draws, or do you deal to the highest power psyker, they do there discards/redraw, then move on to the next one?

Highest first, do discards/redraw, move on to next one.

(12) What do you do if a Warlock draws a Farseer only card, and there are no more cards left to discard/redraw. Is he out of luck, or should there be cards from the Farseer's discard?

He's out of luck, though under most circumstances you'd expect there to be cards left from the Farseer's discard.

(13) Can multiple Tyranid Hive Tyrants take the same power? I know that in the WD, the battles show that being done, but there is no real precedent for this ('buying' your powers) with other races.


(14) Some Psychic powers specifically state that the do (or don't) need LOS to work. Is there a default for the one's not specifically clarified- that is, unless specifically stated otherwise, do you need LOS for a given psychic power to operate?

Assume you don't need a LOS unless the card says otherwise.

(15) ... maybe a listing of which powers need LOS would be nice...

It sure would. Perhaps the guys of the WH40K list look would like to try and thrash out such a list?

(16) Does using a nullify against a power already in play count as a turn? Does *everything* you do during the psychic phase count as a turn? (i.e. like Zoanthrope or Hood of Hellfire blast?)

Yes to both questions.

(17) In your opinion, which is the Psychically superior race?

We couldn't possibly choose!

(18) Can the Eldar Psychic power Executioner be used to attack a skimmer?


(19) When you use the Psyker power "Displacement" does a squad re-appear EXACTLY as they were standing before they displaced or no more than the die roll and within squad coherency ?

The latter (no more than the dice roll and in squad coherency).

(20) BIG Question: How are Dreadnoughts (especially Eldar and Wraithguard)affected by psychics, such as Mind War, Carmine Assassin, Doom, Tzeentch Firestorm, Fleshy Curse, Plague Wind etc.?

Assuming the Dreadnought has a crewman (some don't) and the psychicpower can effect vehicle crewmen, then the Dreadnought crewman can beattacked by the power. He is assumed to have the same characteristics as aHero for his race. (Remember that Bjorn counts as a Mighty Hero)

(21) If an Eldritch Storm is successfully cast on a vehicle, it is scheduled to go out of control the next round. But what if the storm is nullified or "energy drained", later in the same psychic phase. Will the vehicle still go out of control the next turn?


(22) When a miniature has been 'Guided' by the Eldar power and shoots a vehicle,>can it choose which vehicle location it hits?


(23) When you use 'Guide' against a model with dodge ability, can the shot be dodged?


(24) A pulsa rocket lands a couple inches away from an Eldar D-cannon support weapon and blows up hitting both the crew and the D-cannon. Can a Farseer use the psychic power Guide on the D-cannon to fire it in the turn it was hit by the pulsa rocket (assuming the D-cannon is facing the right direction)? If it can not fire during the Eldar psychic phase, how about the following Ork psychic phase?

No to both questions.

(25) The Aura of Fire causes "a wound for each wound saved," but does not mention any possibility of saving throws against this rebound. Could an assassin dodge it? Would an Ork in Mega-Armor be allowed a save? Would an Aegis Suit save? Is an Eldar Avatar immune to its effects?

No saves are allowed against the rebounded wounds.

(26) In 40K how do you resolve Plague Wind versus an entire squad? Is it 3D6 hit and then you spread them around?


(27) If a character wearing the "Digilasers" Wargear Card is attacked by a Farseer's projection using the "Executioner" psychic power, is the digilaser attack worked out before the projection attacks?

Digilasers do not work against the Executioner power.

(28) What cancels a 'remain in play' psychic power (other than by choice or a nullify)?

a) Psychic Scream (all 'remain in play' cast by the stunned psyker)

b) Psychic Scream (only cancels powers on the stunned psyker himself)

c) Vortexing the psyker who cast them

d) Stasis grenading

e) Killing the psyker

f) 'Killing' the psyker, who later regenerates back to life (ala Hive Tyrant)

Remain in play powers 'remain in play' until nullified or the psyker that used them decides to end them. Killing the psyker that cast them simply stops him from turning the power off!

(29) For the Legion of the Damned Veteran sergeant, Centurius, when he is using the wargear card "Animus Malorum" what happens when he is demonoic atacked?

Daemonic attack automatically nullifies the power, but Centurious can't be dragged off to the warp.

(30) What happens when you use "Assail" to pull off an exposed crewman off a vehicle? (such as a bike driver) a) Does the vehicle automatically go out of control? b) does the driver take damage as if he disembarked at the current speed of the vehicle?

Yes to both questions.

(31) The card "Reflection" in the warp deck seems a bit hazy. Does the card only reflect moving templates like destructor and deathwave or does affect any general power like doom, hellfire and tyranid warp blasts?

Any power.

(32) When a Guided model fires into hand-to-hand combat, does it hit the target automatically (as per the power), or does the hit get randomized?

The hit is randomized.

(33) Psychic Power Executioner: When engaging a vehicle with Electro-hull does the warlock have to make the save for the electro-hull and if failing, nullifying the power?

Yes, a save needs to be made.

(34) If I nullify a psychic power my opponent played in the last phase is he then allowed to play it again in the phase I nullified it?


(35) What happens to Dreadnoughts inside an Eldritch Storm? Do they fall down like normal troops or do they go out of control 3D6" like it says a vehicle does?

They go out of control.

(36) If a figure/unit is moved out of Hand to Hand combat via a psychic power, are they still Broken? What if the power was used by someone outside the unit to move the unit?

No in both cases.

(37) For psychic powers, it states in Dark Millennium that if a check is required vs Initiative or other stat, a roll of "6" will always fail. Is this true for all other situations (it is true for dodging out of the way of a ramming vehicle, for example)?

Yes unless specifically stated otherwise.

(38) Demonic Attack - Does the "rule" of 1 & 6 hold here (ie., if you roll a 1 do you always get dragged off into the warp, even if you're a Level 4 Psyker & only used 1 Force Card)?

No. It will automatically nullify the power though (unless it was cast with Ultimate Force).

(39) Can you Assail an enemy off the table edge? If so, does he count as dead for VP's?

No. Psychic powers can never be used to move models off the table.

(40) Can any spell/power cast with Total Power/Ultimate Force that is "remains in play" be dispelled/nullified/removed otherwise on the same turn that it was cast? (ie., what happens in Drain Magic/Energy Drain is played later in the turn?)

Yes; Total Power/Ultimate Force has no effect on a spell after it has been cast.

(41) Laid to Rest: There is _no_ way possible to dispell/nullify a power cast with Ultimate Force, correct?

Collars of Khorne, etc - nothing can _dispell/nullify_ the power, all you can do is try to protect against the effects.

The power will be automatically cast. This is not the same thing as automatically working. Being immune to psychics (Collar of Khorne, Ageis Suit, etc.) will also prevent powers cast with UF from working on those models.

(42) Ultramarine Rod of Tigerius: Does the power used still need Force Cards to work, or does the Rod "empower" the Psychic power?

Needs Force Cards

(43) Can Refection, Destroy Power, etc. be used to stop a power used through the Rod?



(1) In a recent WD 189 tank battle it was mentioned that you guys used the rules that some tanks cause fear/terror. Which tanks cause fear, and which cause terror?

Fear: Land Raider, Leman Russ, Predator, Dreadnoughts

Terror: Baneblade & Shadowsword, the rules are in Journal 8.

These lists are probably incomplete, and so use them as guidelines only. Also, please note that all of the Tankfest rules from Journal 8 are optional.

(2) I noticed that in recent datafaxes (e.g. chimera) models riding inside have a far greater chance of survival (when rolling for results of successful penetrating hits) than models riding in the vehicles with older datafaxes (who are more likely to get the "all models on board are killed")Does this mean that the older datafaxes need to be revised?

Maybe at some time in the distant future, but for the time being you'll have to make do with the 'fax as they are! (or change them yourselves, of course!!)

(3) Can vehicles who have gunners for their weapons go on overwatch while moving? (obviously if the driver wants to go on overwatch he cant do it while the vehicle is moving)


(4) Are support weapons considered vehicles for the purpose of choosing a target? I.e. can a model with a heavy weapon ignore the closest squad and fire at the closest support weapon?

Yes. The example is correct, as long as no vehicles are closer than the support weapon, of course.

(5) The Whirlwind vehicle is said to have a powerful bio-scanner that reveals positions of all enemy troops. Does this mean that if there is a Whirlwind on the table all hidden enemy models are automatically detected?

The Whirlwind rules have been updated in the Angels of Death Codex and the following sentence added: "Note that the scanner cannot spot enemy models that are hiding, as the detail shown on the scanner's screen is not clear enough to pick out stationary enemy models that are near to cover."

(6) Do sustained fire weapons (such as heavy bolters) ignore any jams when mounted on vehicles? The storm bolter card says jams are ignored due to better ammo feeds...

This only applies to Storm Bolters.

(7) Can a mole mortar spotter do anything (such as shoot) when spotting for the mortar?


(8) If you somehow manage to kill the vehicle crew (i.e. through psychic powers or shokk attack gun) but the vehicle itself is unharmed:

(a) does it count as destroyed for the purpose of victory points?


(b) if a techmarine enters the empty vehicle and drives it or fires its weapons, and he is still operating the vehicle at the end of the game, does the vehicle count as destroyed (because the normal crew are slain)?

No, it would count as damaged.

(c) If a techmarine enters an empty vehicle during the movement phase, can he fire its weapons during the shooting phase?


(9) Can transported crew leave the vehicle that is out of control (assuming they take appropriate damage if the vehicle is moving more than 10")?


(10) When a vehicle or a dreadnought go on overwatch, does it have to break overwatch at one time and fire all of it's weapons, or can it shoot one, wait, and shoot the rest at other targets later as they present themselves?

All weapons must be fired at the same time (but note that they can be fired at any available targets, not just the one that is moving when the OW shots are taken).

(11) Like the Eldar Viper, can a landspeeder or attack bike gunner make the same initiative roll to replace the dead driver and gain control of the vehicle?

No, they can swap places without a test.

(12) If you miss with a vehicle template weapon, and roll "hit" and "misfire" does the weapon explode? If yes, what effect does that have on the vehicle(i.e. do you roll on the damage table)?

We'd play that the weapon is destroyed and roll on the table to see if there is any additional effect.

(13) If a vehicle is destroyed and a "Reinforcement" strategy card is played, does the newly arrived vehicle have all of the vehicle cards of the destroyed one?


(14) If an attack bike / squat trike (two crew) is charged, does the charger engage the nearest crew member or both in hand to hand?


(15) You mentioned in a previous Q&A that if you mount a heavy weapons squad in a vehicle and the vehicle moves, the heavy weapons troopers are considered to have moved and thus cannot fire. This seems to contradict the rulebook (P 36 I think) where it states that you can fire move and fire weapons from vehicles while they are moving. Could you clarify?

GQ. Although it is by no means clear, page 36 is only referring to weapons mounted _on_ a vehicle, not to weapons carried by model _in_ a vehicle. So, for example, the lascannon on a Land Raider can move _and_ fire, while the lascannon carried by a Space Marine inside the Land Raider who is firing through a hatch cannot.

(16) Does the assault cannon mounted on the Sentinel use the rules for Space Marine Dreadnought-mounted weapons (i.e. ignore first jam)?


(17) The whirlwind explanation says it scans all targets on the board and can fire on targets it cannot see, does this include hiding targets?

No. The Angels of Death Codex has an updated version of the Whirlwind rules which makes this clear.

(18) Can the genestealer cult army use any Imperial Guard vehicle or are they limited to the explicit list in the Tyranid Codex? I.e. can they use such Chimera variants as the Hellhound or Basilisk or Griffon? The above question also for Imperial Agents / chaos cultists / Ork Blood Axes (i.e. are they limited to their or black codex or can they get chimeras, etc?).

They can either draw from the list in the black codex _or_ they can draw from the IG Codex - what they can't do is draw from both sources.

(19) When a vehicle is set on fire via a regular or heavy flamer, is the entire vehicle on fire? If so a tactic suggests itself. Set your own vehicle on fire. It wont cause any damage to it (too low penetration) but your opponents cant engage in HtH with it since you cant engage flamed models. Is this correct?

Only the location his is set on fire. For example, if the tracks were hit and set on fire then they couldn't be chosen as a hth target by an enemy model. BTW, you can only target enemy models (2nd sentence, 1stparagraph, p29 of the WH40K rulebook!).

(20) Can a tech / marine / mekaniak start the game in a vehicle acting as a crewman? Can they replace crewmen who were not killed later in the game2(Example: a tech priest enters the Leman Russ on turn 2. He says to the turret gunner "move over Fred, your BS is only 3 while mine is 5!" the you have a leman russ with a BS 6 turret.)

No (although there are circumstances where this *might* happen, if we sa yyes certain players will *always* do it. Nuff said, hopefully...)

(21) Can the Basilisk and the Demolisher turn on the spot and still fire their 'move or fire' weapons (the Earthshaker Cannon and the Demolisher Cannon)? Or are they only able to turn if they are in Slow, Combat or Fast Speed and therefore counts as having moved?

No, the vehicle must be completely stationary in order to fire.

(22) If a vehicle goes out of control, can its gunners still fire the vehicle weapons? What about transported squads?

Yes to both questions.

(23) Concerning the vehicle card, Electro-hull and daemons. If I read the card correctly, a Khorne Bloodthirster can attack a vehicle with electro-hull if it first makes his 3+ basic armor save. However, the Slaanesh Keeper of Secrets, the Nurgle Great Unclean One, and the Tzeentch Lord of Change have a daemonic aura which is not an armor save but a field save. Does this mean that those daemons and all minor daemons cannot attack a vehicle with electro-hull in HtH combat?

Electro-Hull has no effect on Daemons.

(24) How is charging out of vehicles resolved?

a) Since chargers must be moved before vehicles move, do you move the vehicle with the charging troops during the charge phase?


(25) How do you resolve the "charge the closest model rule" since the vehicle may be positioned or moved to allow chargers to engage far-away targets i.e. by breaking through an enemy's sceen)

The models inside the vehicle _must_ charge against the closest enemy at the start of the vehicle's move. If they can't charge these enemy for any reason, then they can't charge at all.

(26) Can jump-pack troops charge after leaving the vehicle? I.e. do they get their 18" jump plus the 4" move after leaving?


(27) How does a graviton gun affect a vehicle with exposed crew? (i.e. are the crew graviton-gunned and must be removed?)


(28) (This may be an SQ, but..) When you shoot at vehicles, is a squad of vehicles considered a squad for the purposes of shooting at the closest squad or vehicle? (Ex: Can you ignore the dreadnought to fire at a squad of jet bikes behind it? What if your weapons are incapable of harming the dreadnought (i.e. bolters)?).

Squads on vehicles are treated as vehicle targets. We recommend that models are allowed to ignore targets they can't possibly harm with regard to the targeting rules.

(29) When you shoot template weapons at vehicles do you really get to pick where to place the template as opposed to rolling randomly?

Yes (although many players use house rules that randomly allocate the hit).

(30) If a blind grenade template completely covers a vehicle's turret, but the turret weapon is sticking out from the template, can the turret still fire normally?

No (a SQ if ever there was one!)

(31) When a model charges a vehicle with an exposed crew or a support weapon, he must fight the crew first. Does he get to fight the vehicle after the crew in the same round of combat? (I.e. an ork with a meltabomb charges a bike, after fighting the rider, can he place the melta-bomb on the bike?)


(32) Can a techmarine take over a vehicle from another army which is without a crew? (I.e. can he drive an ork bike w/auto-cannons whose rider was killed?)

No (though as a special rule for a scenario it could be fun)

(33) (Ed -- I am repeating this question here from the Space Marines section since its generally applicable to all vehicles)

Why is the Dark Angels Raven Wing land speeder so expensive? It has cheaper weapons than the standard land speeder (RW landspeeder: AssaultCannon 45pts + Heavy Bolter 15pts, Codex landspeeder: Multi-Melta 65pts +Heavy Flamer 25pts, the Codex Landspeeder has 30pts more weapons). It should cost 115pts + the extra cost for being a raven wing vehicle (in the case of Attack Bikes that's 10pts) = 125pts. Now it costs 195pts,which is 70 points too much - WHY??

Jervis Says: "Good - I've been waiting for this question! The reason the Ravenwing Land Speeder costs 195 points is because that is what it's worth! This kind of thing is _exactly_ why the weapon conversion rules are optional. They are simply a quick fix that allows players the chance to convert vehicles quickly and easily.

However, if you want to get the _true_ cost for a vehicle, you have to playtest and change the points value to reflect the actual performance of the vehicle in the game. This is commonsense really; it stands to reason that some weapons are going to be more effective when used on one type of vehicle when compared to another, in excatly the same way that lascannon will be more effective in the hands of a Space Marine than an Imperial Guardsman.

The complex variables involved in this equation mean that any points values we get from our spreadsheets and points value lists are always taken as a starting point, to be modified up or down if required in the light of playtesting and experience."

(34) When firing on a vehicle squadron the rule states in DM p.29 "When a squadron is fired upon the attacker must fire at the vehicle nearest to them." In the above quote is the word "attacker" meaning each individual model in a unit or the entire squad? Do you treat the vehicle squadron as a squad therefore allocating hits among the squad or do you treat them as a vehicle where all shots hit the closest vehicle?

GQ. We suggest you treat the squadron as a squad (for the purposes of hit allocation), and allocate the hits across the unit as a whole.

(35) What happens when several models charge a dreadnought and only one of them has a chance of harming it? Does the last model get the ganging-up bonus?(Ex: 5 chaos cultists with laspistols and a chaos commander charge Bjorn,. Even though the cultists have no chance of harming Bjorn, does the Chaos commander get the +5 WS and +5 attack if he goes last?)


(36) If a dreadnought has no HtH weapons does it still get its normal number of attacks?


(37) Weapons on Eldar Dreadnought shoulder mount can't be hit. It has no hit location on the datafax. Should the weapon be counted to the left arm (rolld6, 1-3 shoulder, 4-6 arm?), or can you hit it at all?

The weapons can't be hit. Players that want to make up house rules to allow for the weapon to be hit should feel free to do so, but we didn't think it was worth the bother!

(38) Can a flyer attack a skimmer in HTH-combat, and in that case, does a swooping hawk count as a flyer?

No to both questions.

(39) When firing dreadnought and warwalker weapons, do they all have to be targeted at the same thing like a squad or can they target different things like different weapons can on a vehicle?

Treat them like a vehicle.

(40) It says in Dark Millennium that "vehicles may fire a separate targets for each of their weapons. However, they are still subject to Choosing a Target restrictions." This is a little confusing. Does it mean squadrons of vehicles (ie Ravenwing landspeeders) all have to shoot a the same troop squad but can divert some weapons at vehicle targets (basically they act like a squad of troops)? Or does it mean that the vehicle squad ignores the "my squad fires at your squad" rule, and so after the first vehicle fires and kills all the models in a front squad, a second vehicle may fire at the troops behind (therefore the vehicles are a squad but act independently)?

The former (i.e., they shoot like a squad of troops).

(41) When a model engages a vehicle that is unable to fight back (i.e. has no weapons skill) in close combat, he is entitled to one strike for each attack in his profile. Is he allowed extra attacks for situations that increase the number of dice he rolls? I'm thinking specifically of having a second close combat weapon, but this would also include frenzy and the "Bionic Leg" and "Servo Arm" wargear card.


(42) Does it matter which way the turret is facing on a vehicle when the rules say that the closest squad or vehicle must be targeted? For example, a Chimera turns its turret to the rear of the tank so that its multi-laser can fire at a squad of 4 Warp Spiders 15 inches away, while its hull mounted heavy bolter fires at a squad of 7 Howling Banshees 10 inches away and neither squad can claim cover. Some of our gamers believe that the turret has to face forward to the Banshees because they are the closest squad within the turret's 360 field of fire; while others believe that a tank's turret is like a model with a heavy weapon and should be able to fire in the direction to which its turned up to a 90 degree fire arc.

The latter (i.e. fire in the direction to which its turned upto a 90 degree fire arc). (Ed -- you can turn a turret on overwatch, but you don't have to)

(43) Can the lone driver of a vehicle (biker or jetbiker; squat trike driver) throw a grenade from the saddle?


(44) Can a vehicle get shot at in a forest? From how far away?

There are no hard and fast rules for this; You'll have to decide for yourself based on the density of woods being used.

(45) Does a Hunter-Killer missile require LOS to fire?


(46) When a Land Speeder or Jet Bike makes a pop up attack does it get -1 for moving over 10"(12" move up) or a -2 for moving over 20"(24" total movement up and down) or no bonus at all? And if making pop-up attacks does get a bonus do Ravenwing get their additional -1 to hit bonus?

No bonus's apply at all, not even for the Ravenwing.

(47) How does a stasis grenade affect a vehicle which is larger that it area of effect?

a) Can the vehicle still move if the engines are not covered?

b) Can weapons or other abilities i.e. searchlight be used?

c) Do I roll to hit to see which parts of vehicle are covered?

No to all questions (i.e. the entire vehicle is effected if even partially caught by the template).

(48) How many wounds (if any) do Dreadnoughts have?

2 wounds (Chaos, Space Marine, and Ork) - Eldar Dreadnoughts have no crew, so no wounds

(49) If a vehicle moves, can it go into Overwatch? What about if it was transporting troops - could they go into Overwatch if the vehicle moved?

Yes, as long as it does not fire any of its weapons that turn. No, the transported troops cannot go in to Overwatch if the vehicle moves.

(50) Can troops charge out of a vehicle, or can they only do a regular movement when disembarking? Can troops with Jump Packs jump directly from a transport vehicle?

No, they cannot charge from a vehicle, as all chargers must move before all other movement. And no jumping directly out of vehicles either.

(51) When figuring out if a vehicle has been damaged (for VP purposes), does a hit that Ablative Armor stopped count (ie., do you count the vehicle as damaged if the armor was penetrated, or only if an actual roll was made on a damage table)?

Actual damage must be done. It's not enough to blow off the Ablative Armor.

(52) Can a Skimmer be Rammed? And can it perform a Ram on another vehicle/building?

No (except the Falcon and Falcon variants) & Yes

(53) Can a damaged vehicle be ignored for targeting purposes?


(54) Can a marine vehicle carry a character as well as the 10/5 men allowed (ala the IG tanks being allowed to carry a unit plus character).


(55) Hit & Run Attacks - can you perform more than 1 per turn? Does the bike have to "hit" the closest enemy model?

No & Yes.

(56) Can you fire a heavy weapon from inside a vehicle? (ie., marines riding in a Rhino). If so, are there any restrictions (barrel size vs vision slit, etc).

Yes, but only if the vehicle remains stationary (remember only weapons actually mounted on a vehicle can fire if the vehicle moved). There are no restrictions on muzzle caliber, etc. though.

(57) Can a passenger in a vehicle use a Jump Pack to jump directly from the vehicle? Or must they move off on foot, & jump next turn.

They can leave the vehicle and then make a normal move immediately. This means they can use jump packs in the same turn as leaving the vehicle. They cannot, as mentioned above, jump directly from the vehicle.

(58) When a Distort Cannon hits a vehicle, and gets the "into the warp" result, the entire vehicle is destroyed, correct? (not just the location).

No, just the location. Treat the D-Cannon "destroyed" result as a "6" on the datafax for that location.

(59) Are there any limits as to what can be transported in a vehicle? Specifically can Genestealers, Demons, Hybrids, Snotlings & Nurglings, and other odd creatures?

Players must agree beforehand if they want to put bizarre creatures into transport vehicles, otherwise only troops listed on the vehicle datafax/description can be transported. Obviously monsterous creatures cannot be transported at all though.

(60) Vehicles cannot transport allied troops, correct?


(61) When ramming does the rammer have to physically move at least 10" on the table top before a ram can be made?


(62) If not, how does one determine if a model is moving at least 10"?

Use the speed band you are in. If the model will be moving at least 10" that turn, it counts to be able to ram.

(63) Is there anytime when a Falcon can be rammed? If so when?

Yes. When the Falcon is stopped, or traveling at slow or combat speeds it can be rammed.

(64) Can Space Marines rapid fire vehicle mounted boltguns, bolt pistols, and storm bolters (like bikes and dreadnought stormbolters)?

No. A Marine can only rapid fire his bolt weapons. Dreadnoughts never get to rapid fire.

(65) When a vehicle moves out of control, is there any effect on shooting? If so, what?

There is no effect on shooting.

(66) Blind Grenades (and other leave in place - non solid - templates) seem like they should provide cover. Does a vehicle get to claim cover behind one if line of sight is partially obscured?

No, Blind Grenades do not provide cover.

(67) About Vehicle Upgrades:

The reason that we said that vehicle upgrades shouldn't be repeated was a) for play balance, and b) because they are meant to have been made by the *crew*. These aren't standard upgrades organised from 'the top down', they are field modifications made on an ad-hoc basis by the vehicle crews themselves. If you've seen the seminal movie 'Kelly's Heroes' then the paint shells and loud-speakers used by Donald Sutherland's tank was the role-model for the vehicle upgrade rules. Because of this we'd say that you shouldn't really apply standard vehicle upgrades to an entire Squadron, and that if you want a uniformly equipped Squadron you should simply use the vehicles without any upgrades at all! But that's just the way we'd play it : )


(1) Are daemons (especially Nurgle ones) immune to the Virus grenade? The wargear book mentions that tyranids are immune but makes no comment about daemons...

Daemons are immune to virus (this will be made clear in the Chaos Codex).

(2) With regard to noise marines, if a psyker with an active psychic power (started outside of the 24" range) walks into the noise marine 24" zone of death, is the psyker affected by the aura? Or does the aura only apply to powers started within 24"?

This will be sorted by the Chaos Codex too, but for the time being, no.

(3) Does a Slaanesh Noise Marine affect Slaanesh Psykers (chaos magi)? Tzeentch and Nurgle psykers (chaos magi)? What about daemon psykers?

No to all questions.

(4) Does the Disc of Tzeentch give +1 WS due to higher ground to characters mounted on it?

No (though as a house rule this is OK)

(5) If a chaos army takes vehicles can they put daemons (i.e. plaguebearers, bloodletters) into a rhino?


(6) Can a daemon psyker be affected by a "Daemonic Attack" warp card?


(7) Can characters devoted to one god ride steeds of another? I.e. can a Khorne champion ride a disk of Tzeentch?

No. (SQ)

(8) Can daemons (Daemonettes, Bloodletters) ride daemonic steeds? The black codex does not say anything about it.

No (I know they can in Warhammer, but we don't let them in WH40K because we don't like the models very much!).

(9) In one of the previous questions, it states that the genestealer cult and chaos cultists can use the new IG codex for vehicles, but can the chaos cultists use the heavy weapon teams like the genestealer cult can?

We're not sure yet!

(10) Can a disc be the target of a Destroy Daemon if it has a non-daemonic rider?


(11) Is the Chaos commanders strategy rating 3 or 5? In the WH 40k rulebook chaos strategy rating is given as a 3, but in the Codex army lists it states 5. What's the deal?

A Chaos army's rating is 3, while it's Commander's is 5 (one is used for setting up, the other to determine who gets the first turn).

(12) Do you get a parry for using a daemon weapon? (the terminator model has a daemon sword, and should get a parry, but it doesn't say so on the wargear...)


(13) Can you really take 3 lords of change in a 2000 point army and have THREE sets of Tzeentch powers? That seems just way too nasty (especially combined with noise marines)...

Until the Chaos Codex comes out, yes you can.

(14) Would an Aegis Suit protect a psyker against the Noise marine's special ability?


(15) With regard to a Daemon Weapon's Auto-kill ability are models which ALWAYS pass leadership tests immune?


(16) Can the Demon Weapon Wargear Card parry?

In 40K only swords and other weapons which state that they can parry have they ability to do so. Since the wargear card makes no mention of this ability, the answer must be no. [Voidhammer's Note: Since this correction was released later it is taken to be the currently official stance on Demon Weapons]

(17) Does the Demon Weapon count as an additional Close Combat Weapon?


Note: A Daemon Weapon is forged from insanity and tempered in nightmare; it can look like whatever you want. The common image is of a huge double-handed rune-encrusted axe/sword/halberd. No matter how you picture it, it will never give a model any abilities beyond those stated on the wargear card. It does occupy two hands and cannot be used simultaneously with any other weapon.

(18) Chaos Terminators can be upgraded to Noise Marines. They can then choose Noise Marine weapons. Are there any limitations on the numbers of Noise Marine weapons they can take, or are they bound by the regular Noise Marine weapon restrictions?

When upgraded in this manner, the squad may not mix some Noise Marine weapons and some Chaos Terminator weapons. It's all or nothing! This means that it is not possible to have a Doom Siren and a Reaper Autocannon in the same squad. In all respects, follow the options for Noise Marines.

(19) How would Destroy Demon effect a Demonically Possessed Vehicle (it has no number of wounds for working out the power).

It doesn't have any effect at all.

(20) Can you possess an Aspiring Champion with a Greater Demon?

Yep! Though they are given the title Aspiring Champion, they are still viable receptacles for possession.

(21) Can a Chaos Lord take a mark of Tzeentch, upgrade to a Sorcerer, and have the mark of Khorne as well?

Yes, but the scent of cheddar is overwhelming... :)

(22) Do hits against vehicles like tanks (those that do not fight back) count towards Khorne summoning points?

No. There's not much glory in that!

(23) When taken as allies, do any hits/wounds/etc the allies cause count towards summoning points?

Nope. Chaos cares little for the efforts of those who do not consecrate their kills to the Gods of the Warp.

(24) Do Chaos Dreadnoughts, when possessed, still suffer from Fire Frenzy?

No. The daemon within can show restraint.

(25) How is the final point cost for a Possessed vehicle worked out?

Add in all the costs from the datafax (extra weapons or other options), then "possess" the vehicle and multiply the cost at that point by an extra 25%. Then add the cost of any other vehicle wargear cards.

(26) Chaos Terminators with Mark of Khorne - 2+ or 3+ save on 2D6?

3+ (only Abbadon's armor goes to 2+ on 2D6). Chaos Armor is not Terminator Armor. Only Chaos Armored troops get the +1 to their save.

(27) What is the Initiative value (if any) of a Demonically Possessed vehicle?

Assign a value of 5 for hand to hand purposes.

(28) If a unit/character/etc is stated as being immune to Leadership based tests, or that it will automatically pass them, does this mean they automatically ignore/pass Psychic Powers or esoteric weapons which demand a Leadership test as part of the power/weapon effect?

No, they must take the test. They are only immune to the Leadership tests as described in the Rulebook.

(29) Along those lines, if they are immune, and don't need to take the test (fear, terror, etc), do they still add to Slaanesh summoning points?

No, as no test was made.

(30) If a model is equipped with terminator armor can he still take wargear cards that are weapons such as a Plaguesword?

Normally this is allowed, but your group may wish to decide this for yourselves. As always, equipment like this must be modeled on the figure.


(1) Can the avatar be destroyed by a Shokk Attack Gun.. I'm unable to find a rule saying he can't!! Is there one? It seems silly that a thing that has molten metal for blood can be destroyed by wee little snotlings!!!

Yes it can! When the snotling materializes inside the Avatar's body it causes huge amounts of damage (think Star Trek transport accidents!)

(2) Do warp spiders (or a warp spider exarch) who want to jump into hand to hand, have to jump into hand to hand with the closest squad? I.e., can they jump past a closer squad to charge another squad behind them?

They must attack the closest enemy model, as per the normal rules.

(3) In the Eldar Codex, The Wailing Doom only has stats for when it is shooting. (a). In Close Combat, does this Weapon Parry? (Typically my opponents say 'No', because it does not say so in the Codex...) (b). Is the armor penetration in HtH 8+d20+d6+d3 instead of being 8+d6+d3 when shooting?

Yes to both questions (huge cheers from Eldar players!) (Voidhammer's note: we all know that this has been countermanded somewhere, but I cannot find the Q&A for it. Basically, it said that since the Avatar is a God of War it would never even think of parrying. No parry was the last answer from GW. Anybody with this rule please e-mail it to me so that I may refute this 'officially').

(4) Can ordinary Eldar exarchs be given phoenix lord wargear. I.e. can a warp spider exarch get a maugetar?

No they can't. All of the Phoenix Lord war gear should say 'XXX Only' on the bottom.

(5) (I know this is an SQ but...) Do the Striking Scorpion mandiblasters fire before EACH HtH phase or only during the first phase? Also do they fire against each opponent in base-to base contact or only against one? Example Striking Scorpion is charged by 3 marines. Does he get to shoot at all three before the HtH combat starts or only at one? The SS kills one marine. One the next turn, does the SS get to fire his mandiblasters AGAIN before the second HtH phase starts?

Shoot once very turn.

(6) How are Harlequins protected against gas and photon flash attacks?

As guardians.

(7) Can an exarch with fast shot power who is mounted on a bike armed with a shuriken cannon, use the fast shot power to fire the bike cannon twice?

As the rules stand, yes, but *we'd* say no!

(8) If swooping hawks fly high, how is charging at the closest target resolved? Can they land in HtH (i.e. charge) with anyone on the board?


(9) Are the "lasblaster" and "firepike" Eldar wargear which were in the DM set considered phoenix lord weapons (and thus not available to Exarchs)?


(10) The scatter laser description says you can shoot at different targets. How is this possible if you must always fire at the closest target?

You shoot at the closest target squad, not the closest target model (see choosing a target on p. 29 of the rules).

(11) Regarding the Warp Spider exarch with twin deathspinners, do they count as 2 hand to hand weapons (they each have a combat blade at the end) and can the exarch use other weapons while carrying them?

The Deathspinners don't count as 2 hand to hand weapons (just one), but yes he can use other weapons in his other arms. We hope to write up the old Warp Spider exarch as an article in WD soon to help clear all these problems up.

(12) Eldar Vibro-cannon targeting - noting that it states "to fire a Vibro-cannon first nominate any point within range as the aiming point. This may be a conventional target, but it does not have to be, you could just aim at an area of ground" - can the vibro-cannon fire at targets that it cannot see?

No (though as a house rule allow it to shoot at any patch of ground as long as at least one Eldar model can see it).

(13) If an Exarch with the Stealth power is mounted on a jetbike, what benefit does the power afford him? Does it act as normal and penalize short range shots by -1 and long range shots by -2?

No, the power only works if the mode is on foot.

(14) The Eldar wargear card, executioner, says it is one of the most deadly HtH power weapons but has a weak armor penetration of D6 + 3 printed on the card. Should the armor penetration instead be D6 + D3 + D20 + 8?

The card is wrong. Correct armor penetration is indeed D6 + D3 + D20 + 8.

(15) An Eldar model shoots in the psychic phase thanks to a psyker using Guide on him.

a. Can he shoot at detected models with a template weapon?

b. If so can he shoot at detected models with a non-template weapon?

c. Seeing as he hits automatically, do you still make the 4+ roll to hit the target under the template?

A.Yes. B. No. C. Yes.

(16) Can warp spiders jump, shoot and then jump into hand to hand in the same turn?

No (remember you have to declare charges at the start of the move, and that charging models can't shoot).

(17) Can you use the exarch power "disarm" on wargear, such as Frostfang, a mastercrafted bolt-pistol, the Axe Morkai or (and mostly) a daemon weapon?


(18) What is the point of having a targeter with a vibro-cannon, it uses a scatter dice instead of a "hit" roll? See Eldar Codex, pg. 64, pg. 78.

GQ. None at all (damn that 'copy and paste' function!)

(19) Since Wraithguard have AV values can you use melta-bombs in HtH with them?

Yes you can. As a house rule you may allow their use against Terminators as well.

(Ed -- I disagree about the Terminator part, if you allow that you must also allow their use against Exo-armour and Mega-armour, since both are considered equivalent to Terminator armor for all practical purposes)

(20) Can Wraithguard hide seeing how big the models are?


(21) Are Wraithguard considered vehicles for the purposes of targeting?


(22) Can a group of Warp Spiders warp straight out of a group of booby traps and can Swooping Hawks do the same?


(23) Can the Disarm power be used against a) Terminators (such as assault cannon and cyclone) b) Dreadnoughts, and c) Vehicle-mounted weapons?

Yes for Terminators. No to Dreadnoughts and vehicles.

(24) Do troops which are 'immune to all forms of Leadership' immune to the effects of the Harlequin holosuit in close combat?


(25) Deathspinner questions: a) What happens to the rider of a bike if he is hit by a death spinner (it says he is pinned, so does he keep control of the vehicle, or does he move out of control)? b) When shooting with deathspinners on vehicles with exposed and non-exposed crew, do you both roll on the hit location chart (and hope for penetration) and use the normal initiative test for the exposed crew?

Vehicle crew do not get to make initiative test to avoid webspinner attacks, and are not pinned by the attack. If you re-read the rules on page 58 of the Eldar Codex for attacking vehicles you'll see that the rules are actually quite clear about this.

(26) Are wraithguard affected by psychology?


(27) Are Eldar Guardian Squads required to all be equipped with the same assault weapons? Under Harlequin and Pirate squads it specifically states that this is not required for them, yet 'Eavy Metal pictures of Guardian squads aren't always equipped the same, but don't have this provision in the Army Lists.

The squad may carry a variety of weapons.

(28) Is the shuriken cannon move or fire?


(29) With the WD195's allowance of multiple ancient weapons in an Eldar army, are exarchs with those weapons (bright lance, etc) subject to firing at closest target rule for heavy weapons?

Technically no, but as a house rule we recommend you do this whether you're using the stuff from WD195 or not!

(30) Can an Eldar vibro-cannon fire at a target out of its line of sight but in sight of another Eldar squad/character (spotter)?


(31) If the line of a Vibrocannon ire crosses one building, does it stop or may it continue on and affect another building?

It stops.

(32) What does the D-Cannon do to vehicles with exposed crew? (a) Are the crew affected like normal troops or do you roll to see if you affect that "damage location"? (b) Can the crew be displaced off their vehicle?

The crew are affected if their 'location' is hit. (b) Yes.

(33) What happens when a D-cannon hits a tank? Say you fire at a Leman Russ and you affect the sponson. You roll on the distort table and get a displacement result (a "5"). Proceeding, you get a warped underground result from the displacement table. Does the sponson get ripped off (maximum damage) and warped underground, or does the entire tank get warped underground? Are there any suggestions for situation like this, since my group can't decide on what happens?

Only the location hit gets affected. Roll for damage on that location, but it does not automatically gets ripped off.

(34) Can you field both a normal Farseer and Eldrad in one battle?


(35) Can you use Digital Lasers vs. charging banshees?


(36) What happens when a Jetbike is hit with the Machine Curse Psychic Power?

The Jet-Bike moves out of control in its next move. If this takes it out of the template, control will be regained at the end of the out of control move.

(37) Can Eldar scouts be mounted on jetbikes and go in infiltration?


(38) Do daemon immunities and invuneralbilities affect the Eldar Avatar too?

Yes, and this includes ALL daemonic immunities as listed in the Chaos codex (and on this page)

(39) Does the Eversor's Neuro-Gauntlet affect the Avatar?

No because he is not a living target.

(40) Are Krak grenades dropped by a Swooping hawk aspect warrior when he jump's over a target and drop's them subject to the -1 o hit for throwing a krak grenade?

Yes, as these grenades are designed to be placed on targets rather than thrown or dropped..

(41) Can Warp spiders use their warp jump generators to warp out of Hand to Hand combat unharmed during their normal movement phase?

Yes, but their opponents get free hacks on them and the Warp Spiders are considered broken as per normal rules for leaving HtH.

(42) Is the ruling that Phoenix Lord weapons should read "XXX Only" official yet?

Yes since it was published in the White Dwarf. All things published in the White Dwarf are considered "Official."

(43) I know that a swooping hawk can be shot at when it flies high and when it lands, but if a swooping hawk exarch equipped with a displacer field is shot upon landing when does he displace? Does he displace in mid-air and then correct his landing vector and still land where he wants or does he displace upon arrival and forced to land where he didn't want? This is, of course, all dependent on the fact that the field saves him.

The easiest thing to is to let the model land where the player wants it to, and then roll for displacement from there. Anything else would be bloody confusing.

(44) Do Eldar anti-grav weapons platforms have to be grouped into squads of three or more?

Yes, just like all support weapons must be -- read the Dark Millenium battery rules. There are no exceptions unless they are explicitly stated.

(45) The Eldar Dreadnought and Warwalker are very tall compared to squad models. Would their LOS still be blocked by say, a squad of Guardians in front of them?

No they can shoot over the guardians. You must use common sense. A good rule is that a model must be more than TWICE the height of the model in front of it to be able to shoot over it. Note that choosing the closest target rule applies as usual.

(46) If my Farseer had a Melta-bomb, could he use the Executioner spell to use it? I can see how it could be considered a separate physical object, but I can also see "psychic meltabombs"?

GQ. No he cannot use meltabombs with the executioner power.

(47) I read that the vibro-cannon is blocked by buildings. Is it blocked by anything else?

Yes, its also blocked by terrain features such as hills.

(48) If you use Guide on the Silent Death is it just the first hit that is automatic, or do the rest of the hits also automatically hit? (I haven't used this yet, the possible cheese factor was just too high.) ?

You CANNOT use Guide on the Silent Death as it is not a shooting weapon. Guide may ONLY be used on shooting weapons as the card specifically states. Thus it may not be used on Silent Death or Web of Skulls.

(49) Have a few questions on the Banshee mask. First off if the victim of a banshee charge is paralyzed to the point of not being able to attack can they parry or dodge? ?

Yes, they can still parry and dodge.

(50) In the Eldar codex, under Guardian squads, it states something like "All models may substitute lasguns for shuriken catapults ..." "All models may be equipped with Assault Weapons ..." Does this mean that you can't buy a Guardian squad, some models with shuriken cats and some with assault weapons? If I do want such a mixture can I buy all models shuriken cats and then add some assault weapons? ?

No, Yes

(51) Jetbikes - where do the actual points come from when buying them for a Guardian Squad? (Squad points or Support points)

Squad points (they are listed in the support section incorrectly).

(52) Do Mandiblasters get to fire at each enemy charging at the user, or just one shot? Ditto for when the user is charging a group of enemy models.

Just one shot - it's worked out just like normal shooting.

(53) The way the Falcon turret weapon target rules are written, it seems the gunner gets to ignore the normal "choosing a target" rules. It is written that the tank shoots at a "point" in line of sight and range and can fire at targets within 6" of this point. Does this mean I can pop-up, pick a point way in the back of the enemy lines (between a commander and psyker for example) and then let fly on any models within 6" of that point? Really?

No. You cannot pick a target "point." You must select a target model as normal in 40K. The wording in the White Dwarf may seem to indicate otherwise, but really is should be played like any other weapon in this respect.

(54) The rules for scatter lasers would indicate that after selecting the initial target according to the choosing a target rules, that the other 5 shots could all nail a commander 5" behind that squad. Is that true? Should the newer rules pertaining to sustained fire apply to this as well (targets must all be in the same squad)?

Use the sustained fire rules. Shots must remain inside the initial squad. The benefit is the larger dispersion of shots when compared to normal sustained fire.

(55) Are anti-gravity platforms (and other support weapons) treated as squads for purposes of choosing a target?

They are to be targeted as vehicles. Bear in mind that they are not actually vehicles, just that they are targeted as vehicles.

(56) When the Falcon crashes, models "will be hit as if the Falcon had collided with them." Does this bypass the normal initiative check?

No. Models get to avoid the incoming Falcon as normal.

(57) Is the Pulse Laser a heavy weapon or support weapon (or something else)?

It is a support weapon. Sorry, but no Malfunction card here!

(58) Which, if any, of the eldar wargear weapon card are considered heavy weapons. Only the bright lance specificlly states that it can move and fire.

Firepike, Bright Lance, Maguatar

(59) Is the shiriken shreiker cannon a hvy weapon, The book does not say. It sure looks that way to me though. Please don't tell me that I have to make up my own mind because I go to a lot of conventions and fight battles with other people and there seems to be no concensus between groups.


(60) Are Jetbikes classed as bikes or skimmers for movement through difficult terrain?


(61) About Exarch "Turn Aside Blow" power

We decided to go back to the source on this one, there still obviously being some confusion about how the Turn Aside Blow exarch power works (not least of all in our minds).

So, with the standard ritual offering of a cup o' tea and a bacon butty we approached the master rules writer (aka Rick Priestley) and asked "'Ere Rick, how does this turn aside blow power work then?". To which he replied, already greedily devouring the butty, "It gives you an extra parry. Obvious, ain't it."

"Well, er, no actually." We replied "Do you mean it gives only *one* extra parry, no matter what? And what's all this stuff about 'In addition the Exarch may use this power to get two parries' then, heh!?"

"Look, all the rule means is that if you've got the power you get a parry. Just the one, OK! Of course, if you've got any parries from other things, like swords or what-not, then you still get the extra parry as well. What could be simpler."

"But it says here that you use the flats of your hands to parry. What about that then!"

"Artistic licence me old muckers, that what that is. Now sod off and leave me alone, I've got important stuff to do." And with that we were banished from his presence...

So there you have it. Turn aside blow gives you _one_ extra parry in addition to any other parries you may have. And you don't need a free hand in order to get it. End of story (we hope!).


(1) Do the three new assassins replace the assassin from codex imperialis?

'Officially' they do, but of course you can use the old rules if you prefer them and your opponent agrees.

(2) What kind of eye protection do the new assassins have?

All three are treated as having visors.

(3) The new polymorphine wargear card in WD190 says that the assassins cannot replace models with an armor save of better than 3+. If a group of Warpspiders (base 3+ save) are affected by Battle fortune psychic power which lowers their armor save to 2+, can the assassin still replace one of them?

Yes they can.

(4) Can the assassins dodge the Runtherd's Grabba-Stick (wargear card)?

Yes. (SQ)

(5) What happened to Imperial Guard Speeders, thudd guns and Mole Mortars? There are models available for both, but they are not in the IG codex... Can you still use them in an IG army? (note: it seems unfair that genestealer hybrids could have IG landspeeders but IG cant..) (Ed -- PLEASE say you can use Landspeeders! I've got about 25 e-mails asking about them..... people have made threats.. <: )

Sorry Ed, but no, the IG no longer get land Speeders or thudd guns or molemortars. However we are planning to include them in the Tech' section of the Imperial Agents book as allies. We'll post a longer answer to this question to the WH40K list soon (Ed -- this longer answer can be found in the "Rants and Raves" section of this web page"), but for the time being we'll simply say that over the years we've come to feel that it's not what is put in a list which gives it a unique character, but what is left out.

The inclusion of the IG Land Speeders in the Genestealer Cult army was an oversight on our part, and it really shouldn't be there. However, as it is, all we can recommend is that players don't use it anymore!

Finally, if anybody really has made what even appears to be a mild threat to Ed about this, well you should be ashamed. Attitudes like this have no place in the hobby.

(6) Can an assassin who is hidden in a building or woods use the dodge ability to avoid being destroyed if an Ork pulsa rokkit rolls to knock down the building or woods? In fact, can an assassin dodge a pulsa rokkit pulse?

If his 2" move gets him out of the area of effect (or through a door or window out of a building, or out of the edge of the wood) then yes, he can dodge the pulse and its effects.

(7) Can models in squat Exo-armour ignore flames like terminators? Can squats hide in Exo-armour?

Yes, No.

(8) Can the Assassin "Dodge" ability (to 2") allow it to disengage from Hand to Hand Combat if it is targeted by a template weapon?

Yes, but note that _all_ hits on targets in HtH are randomized to see who is effected. So even if the Assassin was the only model under the template, the hit is randomized to see if the assassin or their opponent(s) is hit. Only if the hit actually hit the assassin would they get to dodge.

(9) Can the Calidus Assassin use her Neural Shredder at the end of every round of close combat in which she is not engaged or just her own?(Does she fire on her CC phase and her opponents CC phase?)

Every round.

(10) Can Rough Riders use two close combat weapons during the round which they charge with their lances (e.g. Rough Rider Lance + Chainsword)?


(11) Is the Imperial Guard Lascannon (used by weapon teams) considered 'move AND fire'? The section describing it in the IG Codex states that it is able to keep up with the rest of the squad, unlike the other Heavy Weapons (Mortars, Missile Launchers etc.). If it is NOT 'move AND fire', what is the difference between the Lascannon and the other Heavy Weapons then (apart from the Hard Cover benefit of the Lascannon)?

This _isn't_ what's in the IG Codex (it says 'unlike _support_ weapons', which are quite different). So, the lascannon remains a move _OR_ fire weapon ... and (SQ).

(12) The description of the lascannon in the IG codex speaks of the hard cover benefit of the blast shield. The new heavy bolter and the autocannon models look identical to the lascannon - blast shield and all. Do they get the hardcover benefit too? If no, why not?

No, because the blast shields are too small to cover both crew.

(Ed -- I disagree with this answer because the blast shields on the actual models are identical in size)

(13) Does a adeptus psyker benefit from the veteran upgrade of his command squad? Can a commissar (or the heroes listed in the back) benefit from a veteran upgrade if he's part of a unit that gets an upgrade?

No to both.

(14) Can a Comissar take over a command squad (thus becoming the leader -higher Ld)?


(15) Can a RR squad benefit from the RR command squad banner (within 12")?


(16) Can a special weapon trooper be part of a weapon team (i.e. hvy bolter team where the loader carries a grenade launcher)?

No (nice try though).

(17) Can the Callidus assassin run/charge/hand-to-hand/whatever, and then fire her Neural Shredder?

No, as the bonus attacks happen at the _end_ of the combat phase - after all follow up moves etc. This also mmeans she can't do both (i.e. either use the blades or the shredder, not both).

(18) Scenario: Callidus assassin polymorphines into a squad of Noise Marines (1dead), chops up one with her Phase Sword (2 dead), follows up 2"and Poison Blades another (3 dead), then blasts the remaining two with her Neural Shredder (all dead). Really?

No, as the bonus attacks happen at the _end_ of the combat phase - after all follow up moves etc. This also means she can't do both (i.e. either use the blades or the shredder, not both).

(19) Does a Leman Russ Demolisher give a pre-game barrage (no battlecannon, but just as heavy as a Leman Russ Vanilla, which does)?


(20) Can IG vehicle crews upgrade their armor to carapace anymore?

This is fine as a house rule.

(21) Can Imperial Guard armies still upgrade the commanders of Demolisher and Leman Russ tanks to tank commanders for 10 points? (the rule to do this was published in the battles book I believe, and in the issues of WD where the tanks first appeared). The rule does not appear to be in the IG codex. The upgrade gives the TC +1 BS which is handy for shooting the main gun and keeping it from misfiring.

This is fine as a house rule.

(22) The army list section lists tanks as "additional units only" however in the color template section, you list tank companies... Is it possible to have a "Tank Company"??? I have 3 Leman Russ tanks, can I purchase a Demolisher and have a unit of say, the Demolisher with a "command section" in it, i.e. a Lt. as a tank commander, and then have 3 tanks as the "units"?

Players that want to come up with special scenarios using tank companies based on those described in the IG Codex should feel free to do so, but they are not part of the 'official' list.

(23) Can imperial guard heavy bolters buy Hellfire shells for 5 points?

GQ. We'd say yes.

(24) A character is in a squad and a vindicare wants to shoot at him.

a. Can he shoot at the character if a trooper is in the way?

b. Roughly how much of the character would need to stick out from behind the trooper before the vindicare could shoot at him?

No. b. We'd say at least half.

(25) What's the deal with exo-armor? Is it equivalent to terminator armor for the purposes of not being able to use jump packs? Also can a model in exo-armor purchase special and assault weapons from the Squad wargear list?(Terminators are restricted to their terminator weapons only, but the description of squat exo-armor in the wargear book states that the armor is often fitted with combi- and heavy weapons by wealthy squats.)

This will be dealt with in the Squat Codex. For the time being exo-armor can't be fitted with Jump Packs, and can only be equipped with Bolter and Power Axe.

(26) What effect does Commissar Yarrik's powerfield have against weapons with no strength value, like thunder hammers or death spinners?

It has no effect on them.

(27) How does the Claudius' Neural Shredder work against vehicles? Specifically, can the Shredder be fired into a vehicle?

The Neural Shredder can't be used against vehicles or models in vehicles.

(28) Can the Ogryn bodyguard from Codex IG be used as a bodyguard for Lord Solar or Commissar Yarrick? (It says he is part of the command HQ but this doesn't always contain the commander of your army)


(29) What are the stats for the Hunting Lance used by rough riders? Is there any extra charge bonus for using the lance in addition to the normal +1 for charging?

The rules for the hunting lance are on page 11 of the Wargear Book. There is an extra +2 to WS in addition to the normal +1 when you charge, but remember that the lance only works for one HtH combat round.

(30) In an earlier question, you said the Rough Rider Standard affected all Rough Riders in 12", does this mean just for break tests, or does it include the +1WS? (The description in the codex seems to say rather clearly that only the squad with the standard is affected, which is why your seemingly contradictory answer confuses me.)

Just for break tests.

(31) Does the Eversor's neuro-gauntlet affect Tyranids?


(32) When armed with the Claw of Desert Tigers, Captain Al'Rahem causes Fear (Enemies must test to Charge Al'Rahem, must test when charged by him, Al'Rahem is immune to fear and Terror only causes fear in him...),as opposed to the Claw of the Desert Tigers counting as a weapon which causes Fear (Squads hit must test for Break.), correct?

No, both types of fear apply.

(33) In a similar fashion, it is the Hellhound tank which causes fear (the only effect being that troops much test to charge it, understandable really, who would want to get any closer to it?), and not the Inferno Cannon (squads hit must test for break, given the nature of the weapon, they'd probably have to take a test from casualties anyway) , correct?

No, both types of fear apply.

(34) Do users of force weapons never add their power when attacking the assassin, or only on a 2+?

If a Culexus Assassin is hit by a force weapon, then the Etherium will save him from the psychic effects of the attack on a 2+. So if a 2 or more is rolled, the attacker may not add his mastery level to the strength of the attack or use force cards to enhance the attack. Essentially the Etherium drains the force weapon, turning it into a common or garden sword, axe or staff.

(35) Must the Assassin pick the closest target for his Blast ability?

No the Assassin is a character he may choose which squads, vehicles etc he wishes to fire the Animus Speculum's psychic blast at. It is not in any way taken to be a heavy weapon.

(36) Must the targets of all the Blast shots taken in one turn be nominated before taking the first shot?

Yes, nominate all shots before firing. This is good practice for all things with multiple shots/weapons such as battle tanks and Dreadnoughts etc.

(37) When charging a psyker, if the psyker is totally surrounded by friendly models, i.e. there is no exposed base at all, can the Assassin use "slip by" to attack?

Okay I can see what is going on here. There is an Eldar Farseer being manhandled across the battlefield by 10 Eldar models all forming up in a sort of beehive formation so that there is not way the Farseer can be attacked without first stripping of two layers of Eldar. Well I can see how this argument goes. (lights, camera ACTION).

Assassin Player (hereby known as AP): Look! My Culexus can slip by your bodyguards, so you should move your models and let my Assassin charge your Farseer.

Eldar Player (hereby known as EP): No. It doesn't say that in the rules. It doesn't say you can move models. If you can't get into base-to-base contact then that's just tough - nayuugh (childish noise, last heard in the school playground).

AP: Come on! You're just abusing the rules. Just because your models are like that doesn't mean that they are actually in those positions. I mean they're moving across the battle field, shooting weapons etc. My Assassin should be allowed, to get him.

EP: No, no you're wrong. You must have seen it on the TV and in films when the President or someone important is escorted away from a dangerous situation by CIA bodyguard (a bit like in that bad film with Charlie Bronson, the one where Charlie Bronson's wife plays the First Lady). Well that's what my Eldar are doing, they're crowding around the Farseer, making sure he can't be got at by your nasty Assassin.

AP gives up. Later on in the game, the Farseer goes to cast the power Destructor.

AP: No, I protest you can't do that. It'll hit your bodyguards, so Nayuugh (see earlier note).

EP: Don't be silly. The bodyguard will duck and the destructor will fly over their heads.

AP: Well if that's your game, then I want to be able to charge my Culexus Assassin next turn. He will be able to dive over the bodyguards as they duck. You know a bit like when its 3rd Down in an American football game and the team is one yard from the goal line and the quarterback hands off the ball and some guy just flings himself over the pack.

If there is no exposed base then the psyker may not be charged. However, if during hand-to-hand the Culexus Assassin kills some of the bodyguard then he may follow up into the Psyker. Also if opponents are using this tactic a lot then remember that many psychic attacks hit the first model in the path etc. This means the psyker will not be able to cast without hitting his own men.

(38) A terror check is required to charge the Assassin. When a squad of 3 summoned daemons declares a charge does each daemon check, or the whole squad?

One check will cover the whole squad, for better or for worse.

(39) Can the Imperial Guard off-board battle-cannon barrage target anything, or must it follow normal targeting rules?


(40) About Eversor Assassin and Needle Rifles/Pistols:

The Eversor Assassin is indeed immune to the toxin used by needle weapons. BTW it is to cover circumstances such as this that needle weapons have a strength value, so you can use it to see if a wound a model that is immune to the weapon's toxins (in other words a needle rifle inflicts a single strength 3 hit if it hits an Eversor Assassin.)


(1) Can _any_ character benefit from Sacred Rites if within the range of the person or squad invoking them, including allies or Assassins?

Aside from the characters the Codex states cannot benefit from the Rites, yes, other Imperial Characters will benefit from them. Non-Imperial allies will not though. Note that any character who leaves coherency with the unit loses the benefit though. Assassins are still an iffy topic though - they don't seem pious enough

(2) The heavy flamer is not listed as "move or fire".

You can move and fire with a heavy flamer. It is the weapon's description which defines whether or not it is move or fire, not the person carrying it. This applies to Noise Marine Terminators with Blast Masters as well. They are still move or fire.


(1) How many force cards does the weirdboy warphead get in the psychic phase? The offending line in dark millenium that causes all the confusion is:- "The weirboy warphead gets 1/2 the number of warp card as per usual etc...." Most sensible people treat this as getting 1/2 the total number of cards dealt (assuming 2 psykers of course)...

This is correct.

(2) Can orks in mega-armor ride warboars? Cyboars?

Since you ask, no (I know I used a Ork in mega-armour on a warboar as an example in the energy fields ruling, sorry, my mistake!)

(3) (a) Can orks in mega armor be given the "teleskopic legs" wargear card? (b) Can they be given the gyro-stabilized monowheel wargear card?

Yes (SQ). At the Studio we'd say that if you're going to do this the model should really by converted to show the additional war gear, but that's just the way we play.

(4) Does ork mega armor have any eye protection? Gas protection?

No to both questions (SQ - just look at the model!)

(5) Can an ork model on overwatch stand behind a wall taller than the model, and then use the teleskopic legs to pop up and use an overwatch shot against a model it cannot see unless it pops up? The question is, can the teleskopic legs be used when the model is on overwatch?

No (boy is this a SQ).

(6) (I know these are probably SQs but the person INSISTED I ask them.... Blood Axes can take space marine / imperial vehicles: a) Can they use "Imperium Only" vehicle cards on the vehicles? b) Can they transport ork mobs in vehicles such as rhinos and chimeras? c) Can they acquire sentinels? d) Can the Blood Axes use Space Marine Dreadnoughts? If they can do they have gretchin stats? Do any of the special weapon functions work?

No, yes, as long as it has an Ork crewman, no.

(7) Are Kustom Shootas heavy weapons? Are they Move or Fire? What about Kustom Blastas?

No, no, no (SQ)

(8) When a pulsa rokkit lands and does not get activated, can it be targeted and destroyed?

The Pulsa Rokkit can't land and not activate! (SQ)

(9) Are Shokk Attack Guns considered artillery?

The Shokk Attack Gun is treated as a support weapon with regard to the targeting rules (i.e. an enemy can target it as long as there isn't another support weapon or vehicle that is closer), but not in any other way.

(10) When you use a Pulsa Rokkit and roll doubles for range, it stays there until next turn and then pulses again. Can it be destroyed before next turn by those outside of its pulse range? Is it treated as a std support weapon with AV of 10?

It can't be shot at.

(11) If a Pulsa Rokkit knocks down and prevents movement of one trooper, is the rest of the squad prevented from moving that turn, or can they leave the trooper behind so he can move to restore coherency later?

They must maintain squad coherency with the prone model.

(12) When an ork character presses the big red button on his cyboar during the opponent's turn what happens?

The character fights with extra D4 attacks and the extra movement is wasted

(13) Are telescopic legs considered a movement for the purpose of move and fire weapons?


(14) Is the shock attack assembly (mekaniac/Runtherd/snotlings) considered a "squad" for the purpose of victory points? Otherwise it can give 1 vps (i.e no vps for characters and 1 vp for snotlings). If its a squad can it be broken by casualties?

It's treated as a squad. Note that the snotlings sent down the tunnel do not count as casualties and so don't cause break tests (no matter what happens to them).

(15) In the Ork Codex, it says that the Ork Battlewagon can fit as many models as you can fit in the back. Does this mean base-to-base standing models or anyway they will fit models? Is there going to be a new model of this, considering the old model is no longer made? Base2Base standing models will fit about 5 models, which seems small when you consider a land raider can hold 10 troops(off scale) and the Epic version of the BW can hold 20 orks. What do A.C. and J.J. play it as?

Fit the models in any old way you can. There are no plans for a new model (though a resin one is being made under license).

(16) Do fields protect against buzzer squigs?


(17) Can a model on teleskopic legs (without being on overwatch) pop up during its shooting phase, shoot and the pop back down? Example: A mechaniak model with a Shokk attack gun and teleskopic legs is hidden completely behind a high wall. During his shooting phase he pops up over the wall, shoots, and then immediately pops back down. The Ork player claims that the mekaniak may only be shot by models on overwatch. How is this resolved?

He may pop-up and shoot, but before he takes the shot any opposing models on O/W can shoot at him.

(18) Can ork heavy bolters buy Hellfire shells for 5 points?

GQ. We'd say no.

(19) Why is there such disparity between the rules for troops dropped by a Smasha Gun and troops displaced in the air by a D cannon?

One set of rules was written by Rick and the other by Jervis.

(20) For targeting purposes, the shokk attack gun counts as an artillery piece, but for all other purposes it is counted as a unit. So when firing upon a shokk attack gun, how are the hits distributed? a) all distributed on the mekaniak,

b) randomly distributed among the members of the team (i.e. runtherd, and mekaniak),

c) randomized like all other artillery pieces with the shokk attack gun being a potential target with an armor value of 10, or

d) some other way?


(21) Can a model getting up from a pulsa rokkit pulse go on overwatch?


(22) When a pulsa rokkit pulse hit a stationary vehicle is it still spun around AND sent out of control?

Yes (the driver accidentally floors the accelerator)

(23) Is mega armour is like terminator armor in that you can't hide?


(24) If the Runt Herder is killed can the snotlings still be used for the Shokk Attack Gun?


(25) If a mekaniak w/ a Shokk Attack Gun is killed do you get an extra VP for destroying a support weapon?


(26) Can Wazdakka Gutzmek use any of the three new Ork Warbike Vehicle Cards on his Kustom Warbike? It seems like he should be able too.

No he can't. In fact Wazzdeka's bike can't be changed or added to at all; you either take it exactly as written in the Ork Codex, or you can't take Waxzdakka and his bike at all!

(27) Can flying models be knocked down by the ork Pulsa Rokkit?

Yes, assuming they are not 'flying high' (i.e are off the table).

(28) Do Blood Axe Kommando's count towards allowing you to include Imperial Vehicles?


(29) The ork kustom field was left off the list published in WD 195. Is it a rare or uncommon item?


(30) In the description of firing the shokk attack gun it states that the "player must indicate the point where he wants the snotlings to appear" but the point must be visible to the operator within the 90 degree fire arc. Since it never mentions targeting a specific model, does this mean that shokk attack gun can target a point on the ground with no models in the center hole of the template (similar to grenades targeting the ground)?

No, you must pick a target.

(31) Do Shokk Attack Guns, Squig catapults, and Pulsa Rokkits have to follow the normal targeting restrictions? (i.e. shoot at the closest target). Is there any ork artillery that MUST follow target restrictions?

No for Pulsa Rokkits and Squig Katapults. Yes for all other types of Ork artillery.

(32) Does the squig catapult have a minimum (or suggested minimum) range? Is it subject to maximum scatter rules?.

No to both questions.

(33) Can Pulsa Rokkits be targeted at hidden models?

You don't target Pulsa Rokkits. You fire them in a certain direction.

(34) How does the Ork Wargear Card "Force Field Projekta" affect the following weapons:

a) Mole Mortar (can the mortar fire under the field?)

b) Vibrocannon (can the cannon go under the field?)

c) Rad grenade area (can the radiation pass through the field?)

d) Virus grenade (can the virus jump across the field?)

e) Vortex grenade (can the vortex pass through the field?)

f) Smasha gun (can the gun reach through the field?)

g) Traktor cannon (can the gun reach through the field?)

Nothing gets through the field.

(35) Can you please settle the silly argument regarding mega armor. Does it come with any weapons included in its cost (i.e. power claw and bolter) or must you purchase them separately?

Purchase them separately.

(36) Some questions about Orks with Cybork bodies:

a) What save do you make to attack a vehicle with Electro Hull?

b) Does the Cybork have any penalties for being on fire, since a flamer or heavy flamer cannot wound him?

c) Can an Inferno Flamer harm him like it can a vehicle crewman?

No save, so he's automatically knocked back. b) No penalties apply. c) No.

(37) Do Pulsa Rokkits effect Skimmers just as like any other vehicle?


(38) Can an Ork Dreadnought replace his 2 power claws with 2 more Heavy Weapons (giving it 4 heavy weapons)?


(39) For Orks to take Imperial Vehicles, they must have Blood Axes in the army. Do Blood Axe Kommandos count? And can da boyz take Space Marine Dreadnoughts?

No & No!

(40) How do Minderz factor into victory points?

Minderz do not count towards VP's at all. VP's are secured only if the Weirdboy/Warphead is killed.

(41) Can snotlings from a shock attack gun be possessed by daemons in the warp?


(42) Can Blood Axe Imperial vehicles use vehicle cards marked "imperial only"?

No, Ork & Generic vehicle cards only

(43) Does a model wearing Mega Armor suffer all the same restrictions that a model in Terminator armor does? (no bikes, no grenades, etc)

All Terminator restrictions do apply to Mega-Armor as well. Models in Mega-Armor cannot throw grenades, hide, ride bikes, be equipped with jump packs, etc.


(1) How is Bjorn, the SW dreadnought, affected by Mind War? Is it assumed he only has 1 wound?

In terms of characteristics, treat all Space Marine Dreadnought pilots as Space Marine Heroes, and Bjorn the Fell-Handed as a Space Marine Mighty Hero. Gretchin pilots on Ork Dreadnoughts have standard Gretchin characteristics.

(2) Is there any way to nullify the Rod of Tigurus (including any warp cards; does deamonic attack work)? I.e. is the Rod of Tigrius = Ultimate Force?

No you can't nullify it. (SQ)

(3) Are marines that fail a terror/fear test broken or shaken?


(4) If a marine army takes Imperial Guard as allies, can you transport a marine squad in a Chimera?

No. But if you discuss it with your opponent before the battle and he allows it, you can do it.

(5) How many parries does a terminator with lightning claws get?

2 parries.

(6) Are techmarines considered equivalent to techpriests for the purpose of graviton guns?


(7) (I know this is an SQ but...) Can a marine character with terminator armor and lighting claws buy the plasma blaster wargear card?

As the rules stand, yes, but we'd highly recommend that you assume a model armed with a Lightning Claw can't hold anything else with that hand.

(8) The Datafax for this vehicle depicts a Mk6 version with front armor-10 and side/rear armor-12. The Mk7 version has a front cowling that the Mk6 vehicle does not. Are there new armor values for the Mk7 Land Speeder?

Yes (that's why the crew are only hit on a roll of 1-2).

(9) If a character joins a squad of teleporting terminators, can the character be teleported with them (assuming you pay the extra 50% points)?


(10) Do marines riding in a rhino and firing out of it get rapid fire?

Only if the Rhino is stationary.

(11) If a Chaplain buys Terminator Armor, does he have (a) a Power Glove; (b) a Rosarius; (c) a Crozius Arcanum? If he does have a Power Glove (because it comes equipped with the armor) can he use both the Power Glove and the Crozius Arcanum in close combat at the same time? (i.e.) does he now have +1 attacks?

No; (b) Yes; (c) Yes.

(12) In the Wargear book, under the Lightning Claws entry it says that you get an extra dice for close assault when you wear a pair of these. Does this mean that you (assuming a normal space marine) roll 3 dice for close assault? (1 for your A, +1 for an extra weapon, +1 for special LC rule) It might be a SQ, but to me it seems fair that a pair of LC should give you something special. Otherwise you would be better of with one LC and a laspistol (cheaper & you have a ranged weapon).

No, the rule is referring to the normal bonus dice for having two hand weapons. We recommend that players use the NC rule that states that you have to alternate hits between the CC weapons you are using.

(13) Does Njal Stormcaller have 3 wargear cards or 4? The 4th level rune priest is stated to have 4 wargear cards.

3 (He's a special character)

(14) When Ragnar howls how is the charge distance for jump-pack troops determined?

The Jump itself is unchanged, but the 4" follow-up move on landing is increased to 6".

(15) How many servitors can you have in a space marine army? (Codex Ultramarines page 59: 5 servitors per tech-marine, while page 65: 3 servitors per tech-marine, Codex Space Wolves page 57: 5 servitor bodyguards per iron-priest)

It's 5 Servitors per Techmarine / Iron Priest.

(16) Why is the Dark Angels Raven Wing land speeder so expensive? It has cheaper weapons than the standard land speeder (RW landspeeder: Assault Cannon 45pts + Heavy Bolter 15pts, Codex landspeeder: Multi-Melta 65pts + Heavy Flamer 25pts, the Codex Landspeeder has 30pts more weapons). It should cost 115pts + the extra cost for being a raven wing vehicle (in the case of Attack Bikes that's 10pts) = 125pts. Now it costs 195pts, which is 70 points too much - WHY??

Jervis Says: "Good - I've been waiting for this question! The reason the Ravenwing Land Speeder costs 195 points is because that is what it's worth! This kind of thing is _exactly_ why the weapon conversion rules are optional. They are simply a quick fix that allows players the chance to convert vehicles quickly and easily.

However, if you want to get the _true_ cost for a vehicle, you have to playtest and change the points value to reflect the actual performance of the vehicle in the game. This is common sense really.

(17) When Space Marines fail a Fear, Terror, or other psychology test are they broken or shaken?

They are shaken (not stirred).

(18) When Space Wolf Wolfguard are put in Terminator armor can they take a Storm Shield with anything but a Thunderhammer (ie., could the take Storm Shields and Assault Cannons, for example)?

No, only Thunder Hammer, as the Wargear Book states on page 69, you cannot have anything but a Close Combat or Pistol weapon in your other hand.

(19) Can other SM Dreadnoughts be allowed to use the Lightning Claw/Heavy Flamer arm option as Bjorn has?

Yes, it costs 37 points

(20) Can Graviton Guns be used by Tech-Marines or Space Wolf Iron-Priests?

No, as they are not Tech-Priests or Squat Engineers - they simply do not have access to that level of specialized equipment. While they may have one received the proper training, they are no longer in a position to take equipment from the armories of Tech-Priests.

(21) Can a character in Terminator armor teleport down with a Terminator Squad?

No. In your own games you may want to extend the rules to allow this if the character pays the extra 50% cost to his points, but this is strictly a house rule and your opponents should agree to it before play commences.

(22) What are the limits on what a Techmarine can repair? (ie., he can only repair damaged areas, but as long as the area is still there can he still repair it?

They can repair only damaged areas, not destroyed. As long as something remains to be repaired, he can have a go at it.

(23) Can a Techmarine repair allied vehicles?

Yes, if they are Imperial vehicles.

(24) Can Ragnar's Wolf Howl be uttered in the enemy's turn? If so, do the wolves get to charge in the enemy turn?

No way!


(1) When rolling on the tyranid event charts...what happens to an IG vehicle that is deploying off tabletop and gets a corrosive damage roll...and in rolling that damage the track is blown off? How would one run this? Would the vehicle a) have to start on the table top and move out of control per damage effect or b) simply remain off table for the entire game, thus becoming a casualty?

The vehicle fails to turn up and count as being damage for VP purposes.

(2) How often do you check if a voltage field burns out a character's energy field?

The voltage field only burns out other energy fields when it 'flares' after being hit (i.e. check each time you make a save for the voltage field, not simply for approaching to within 4" of it).

(3) What happens if you have a single crewman vehicle (e.g. Rhino) and you get a "crewman mysteriously disappears" on the Tyranid Events table?

If there is only one crewman in the vehicle, then it will not appear and is treated as being destroyed for VP purposes. _However_ vehicles that are transporting other troops can loose one of the passengers instead of the driver if the player wants.

(4) Could I buy my Lictor the biomorph Flesh Hooks so it could snare more than two targets in one turn (the miniature looks like it has at least four flesh hooks to fire)?

It can buy the extra flesh hooks but they would all have to be fired at the same target (BTW it was a mistake when the flesh hooks were fired at two targets in the battle report in WD).

(5) Hive Tyrant w/2 Bone Sword, Voltage Field + Sharpened Claws- Does he get his 6 attacks (5 + Extra Weapon Bonus), 2 Parries, and a S9 on all his attacks?

Yes he does (wicked!)

(6) Tyranid Warriors w/ Voltage Field: Does a Bonesword get the +1 S from the voltage Field?

No, because the voltage field only adds to the Warrior's strength.

(7) A Carnifex with Voltage Field and Sharpened Claws (S10 !) when he does a crush attach do you get any benefits? Or is each of his 4 attacks a Crush attack?

No to both questions (remember that crush attacks cause D3 wounds).

(8) Are the Zoanthrope's psychic powers subject to Destroy Power, Psychic Duel, or other power-stealing attacks (e.g. psycannon, Mind War, etc.)?


(9) Is a Carnifex affected by a shotgun knock-down effect?


(10) I was wondering if I could give my Carnifex the Biomorph Hardened Carapace and if I did what would happen?

You can. It gets a 2+ save on 2D6.

(11) If a tyranid (hive tyrant) is reduced to 0 or less wounds, what happens to powers that were running before it ran out of wounds?

They only stop working if it fails to regenerate (or if it has no chance to do so).

(12) Are tyranid individuals "characters" for the purposes of targeting? (i.e. can they shoot at any target?)


(13) Can a Tyranind with the regeneration biomorph regenerate a hit from a Squig Catapult?

You can't regenerate from Squig Catapult attacks (you've been eaten!).

(14) When a regenerating tyranid is reduced to 0 wounds or below, and as of yet unregenerated, do the warp and voltage fields still work?


(15) Does a Acid Blood get the bonus armor penetration dice for a weapon being used in hth?


(16) When a model has flesh hooks, and is calmly running up and down causing havoc in that wonderful NC scenery, can you not use the hooks? When climbing over a 4" wall, a lictor or similar has to pay 1" in penalty to movement. BUT, when using the hooks to scale the same distance, it costs 4". Can you, by choice, forgo the use of the hooks in climbing?

Obviously you use the lesser penalty (SQ, if you ask us!).

(17) Can Bioplasma malfunction (i.e. hit & misfire)? If it can, is the weapon lost when it does?

Yes to both questions.

(18) Are Aura of Torment modifiers cumulative?


(19) Does Aura of Tormant impose a -2 to Ld for the purposes of The Horror, Hypnotic gaze or Psychic scream?


(20) Is the new Warhammer 40,000 mission card in White Dwarf #193, High Ground, "Tyranid-friendly", i.e. is it a mission that a Tyranid army is allowed to take?


(21) When playing the Tyranid Attack mission, do the Tyranids have to eliminate EVERYTHING, including Thudd gun spotters, snotling bases, etc?

Yes. However, troops that are off the table for any reason at the end of the battle, or that return to the table in the opponents turn if the opponent will move last, also count as destroyed for this purpose.

(22) How do you treat Tyranid reinforcements in an Tyranid Attack mission? Do the Tyranids with Bio-Morphs get the same as their earlier versions, i.e. if a Carnifex with an adrenaline sac gets killed and reenters the next turn, does he have the sacs then?

Exactly the same troops return to play, bio-morphs and all.

(23) How big should a creature be before a spore mine explodes? Will the for instance explode due to a swarm of Buzzer Squigs?, maybe snotlings?

Any non-Tyranid model makes the spore mine explode.

(24) Can a Lictor's flesh hooks pull a rider off of a bike or land speeder?


(25) This may seem like a silly question, but what would happen if you cast the Tyranid power, catalyst, on a brood that doesn't have an intrinsic armor save (ie Hormagaunts). Would they get just the frenzy rules and no armor benefit or would they get some kind of 7+ on 2d6 save?

No armor save but still frenzied.

(26) Are Tyranids (Warriors, Hive Tyrant) encumbered by Heavy Weapons? They still have two arms to fight with.

Yes, but the carnifex is not encumbered by its bio-plasma.

(27) When using the Barbed Strangler a) why does it tell you to roll for scatter like a regular template weapon when the description of the gun says that only when it hits does the thing burst free, b) and does a Barbed Strangler work on non-living things such as wraithguard or daemons?

Models hit directly by the scattering spore pod can be effected (same as with krak grenades), b) it will only kill them automatically and 'sprout' if it can wound them, but otherwise effects them normally.

(28) If a Hourmagaunt jumps into HtH using it's leap movement, does it get any bonuses (i.e. charge)?


(29) Gargoyles (Tyranids)- can a gargoyle be engaged in hth if it does not want to be (ie can an enemy charge it)?


(30) In regards to Genestealer Hybrids, can those with three or four arms use more assault weapons than normal? For example, would an Acolyte with three arms be able to use a power axe in two hands and a pistol in the other?

No. It can carry extra weapons with the additional arms, but may only use two arms in hand to hand combat.

(31) Can the Tyranid biomorph "Regeneration" regenerate in future turns wounds that it failed to regenerate in the turn inflicted? This has come up when a Hive Tyrant has regenerated enough wounds in the first turn to still be alive, and we were wondering if in future turns he could regenerate the rest that it failed at first.

You can't regenerate the wounds in future turns.

(32) What happens if a Brood Brother vehicle crewman is frenzied by the loss of the Patriarch and Magus? (Do they try and run over people?)

All vehicle crew are immune to psychology.

(33) Do Brood Brother Weapons teams Hate everything like normal Brood Brother Squads? (The normal squads mention Hatred in their army list entry, while the weapons squads do not.)


(34) How does a Warp Field affect Heavy Bolter Hellfire rounds? Should you use S5 for usual heavy bolter shot, or S6 for weapon without a strength value?


(35) Does the table of missions in the Tyranid Codex that an opposing army may take against Tyranid now include "High Ground"?

If your opponent says it's OK, yes, otherwise no.

(36) When a barbed strangler scatters, do you scatter with a 3" template? If not, than how can you scatter a shot w/o a template? If yes, do you check for each model under the template? Also what happens to the strangler if the model is not wounded or makes its armor save.

You scatter without the template (as you do for krak grenades and missiles). Nothing happens if the model isn't wounded.

(37) There are 2 different sets of rules given in Codex Tyranids for what happens when a Spore Mine explodes. On page 26 it says that models within d6 inches will be hit on a 4,5,6 whereas on page 72 it says that "...they explode, hitting everything within D6 inches." So what is it? Everything or only those on a 4,5,6?

Only on a 4,5,6.

(38) Can a model with the Regeneration bio-morph roll for each wound counter they have at the end of the Tyranid player's turn, or can they only regenerate when they go over their number of wounds?

The model does not have to wait to "die" first. It can regenerate any lost wounds it has until it is well and finally dead.

(39) Can they use psychic powers while regenerating (on their side)? Do any remain in play powers still remain while regenerating? Essentially, do they still count as psykers while down.

No, they are "temporarily dead" while regenerating and cannot use any psychic powers at all.

(40) When attacked in close combat while down regenerating, how is the combat worked out? (Free Hacks?)

Enemy attack them as if they were vehicles, so the enemy will get 1 hit per Attack on its profile

(41) Does the Genestealer Cult army use normal strategy cards, or do they use the tyranid charts instead?

Strategy cards.

(42) Are Tyranid Boneswords considered to hit as a force weapon as they are powered by psychic energy?

Yes, but for negating Daemonic Auras only


(1) If Scarabs are attached to vehicles, can they be shot?

Allow the enemy to try to shoot them, but there is a 50/50 chance of striking the vehicle instead. Risky stuff!

(2) Can Scarabs on vehicles be attacked in hand to hand combat?

Yes. It is assumed that the attackers scramble up and fight the Scarab. There is no chance of striking the vehicle by mistake.

(3) If a vehicle with an attached Scarab leaves the table can the Scarab come back on its own?

No. Tough luck for the little bug!

(4) What happens to Scarabs when the vehicle they are on is destroyed?

The Scarabs are unaffected except where the vehicle explodes causing hits on nearby models. In this case the normal rules apply. If only a portion of a vehicle is destroyed and the Scarab is on it, the Scarab will scuttle off to a new location.

(5) When shooting at a Scarab laden vehicle, is there a chance of hitting the Scarab?

No. You can shoot at the vehicle without any chance of hitting the Scarab.

(6) Since Necrons never use their Leadership, can they be affected by psychic attacks which use Ld, like Smite?

Well, this one was rather hotly debated in the studio. Originally they were designed to be immune to any and all Leadership tests. They simply ignored whatever caused the test. Now, in the full light of the sun (and with the pints gone from our systems), the rule is that they are indeed affected by things like Smite. They are immune only to all attacks or circumstances which induce break checks, fear, terror, stupidity, or hatred.

(7) Can Scarabs attach to Wraithguard?

There are not vehicles or structures, so no.

(8) The rules for Necrons say that a model cannot use the strength of a weapon when fighting them. Does this mean that the modifier for a double handed weapon (+2 S) does not apply as well?

Correct. When enemies fight Necrons they must use the number printed on their profile below the letter "S" with absolutely no modification at all. There is no circumstance where a model uses any value other than that number. It is interesting to note that the design concept calls for all weapons which attack Necrons not only to change their strength value, but also to remove all other special rules for the weapon. A few examples: A thunder hammer would not penetrate armor automatically nor would it cause D6 wounds or have a -5 save modifier. A chainsword would not be strength 4 and have a -1 save modifier. The idea was that whatever you were hitting with became a lump of metal or piece or wood. It is recommended that this idea be used as the rule for your games, but be sure to get the permission of you opponent first.